Green Bay Needs To Let Brett Favre Go

Green Bay, Just Say No

7/10/08 in NFL   |   Nate   |   128 respect

The question for the last several seasons has been whether or not Brett Favre would retire.  This year, however, the question seems to be whether or not Favre would stay retired.  No one, however, seems to be asking the most crucial question; should Green Bay even take Brett back?  My answer to that question is a resounding NO.

Brett Favre has been an astonishing player through the years, in the good and through the bad, there has never been anyone more exciting to watch on the whole.  What Brett Favre brought to the game is unforgetable, what he brought to Green Bay was irreplacable; and those two things combined bought him longevity in the rare ability in the modern salary cap era to stay on the same team for the majority of his long career.

That said, all good things must eventually come to an end.  At some point the older generations will have to eventually step down and allow the younger generations to come in and fill their shoes.  It's not always clear, when that time has come, but in Green Bay the writing is very much on the wall.  Aaron Rodgers time has come to show that he was worth the high draft pick, and any resurgence from Brett Favre could be a major set back to Aaron Rodgers' progression as a potential starter in the QB position.

Traditionally the question is, who gives the team the best chance to win the Super Bowl now?  Many arguments can be and have been made for Brett Favre, but most of these great arguments are looking through rose colored glasses that use just this past season as a reference point.  Brett Favre had a great season last year, and was afforded an opportunity that many players do not get; the chance to leave while on top.  Anyone familiar with Favre's NFL career would know that there is absolutly no guarantee that this season would have been as good as last.  Yes the team is perfect for him to go on yet another run, but it's also a perfect team to make the change at QB.

Aaron Rodgers may actually be one of the best back up QBs in the league, and potentially could be the surprise this season.  Green Bay could luck out of ever going through a QB transition period, but any more seasonal delays could wash that hope away.  How long did it take Dallas to replace Troy Aikman?  How about San Francisco to replace Steve Young?  Green Bay has an ability to replace a great now, with another potential star, if only they can turn their eyes away from that star.

If Brett Favre were the King of England the last 15 years and not the QB for the Green Bay Packers, we would be hearing, "The King is dead, the king is dead, long live the king."  The sands of time have finally been moved through the hour glass, and it's time to flip the glass over.  Just say no to Brett, and let Aaron Rodgers have his turn to lead the Green Bay Packers.
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7/14/08   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

Awww crap!  Are you kidding me?  They had a rally out at Lambeau Field to bring him back?  I am truly understanding of these loyal, diehard Cheeseheads...I can relate...but they really need to open their eyes.  Brett Farve is done as a Packer.  This type of stuff will ruin what may be a solid performance year by a team on the rise again because of the strife this will create.  Again, Rodgers is snake-bit by the whole turmoil - damned if he does well, and screwed if he doesn't - and Farve is a martyr.  I'm beginning to dislike Farve for this... 

7/13/08   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

Honestly, they did not let their sports egos get in the line of site...there is no good reason Brett Farve should not play football again; but he will be questioned for his decision to retire and renig on that statement.  He will be critizied by not only the media, but the FANS that adore him and remember what he did for Green Bay in the past.  Will that taint what he's accomplished? Hell no.  But it will make him look like an aging old fool who didn't know when enough was enough.  That is what is worst part to all of this.  If he fails to win the Super Bowl, this season is a BUST.  There are no loftier goals that he can reach and feel like a king in this league...He broke King Dan's record, and guess what?  His will fall one day too...they all do.

7/13/08   |   c9303000

There are not too many elite athletes that go out the way they should.  I can think of a few, but not many.  George Brett, Tony Gwynn, John Elway (I hate him), Tiki Barber, Barry Sanders to name a few.   They left the game while still being productive to their team and didn't make us wish they had left sooner. 

7/12/08   |   c9303000

Favre did officially turn in his retirement papers.   He has to request from the league office to be moved from the retired list to the active list.  When he does, which he still hasn't done, the Packers have something like 10 days to either activate him on their roster or give him his release.  Favre, to his credit, is directly asking the Packers for his release.  What this does is allow some time for the two sides to negotiate the terms of his release.  If Favre first filed his paper work with the league office, the Packers would be forced into a shorter time table to make a decision.  Plus, while on the retired list $0 counts towards the salary cap.  If the Packers activate him, even to give him his release, they take a hit against the cap for the next 3 seasons.  That more than anything else is why the Packers are not keen on giving him his release right now.  I believe Favre is being selfish, but I understand why and it is hard to watch him go through this stage in his life.

7/12/08   |   cowboysfan777

Personally, I think that the Packers should put the Favre era behind them.  Sure he was the greatest thing to hit Green Bay since the Bart man, but how do you know that Rodgers won't be just as good?  Release him, so he can move on with his life as well!

7/12/08   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

You know what sucks about this whole thing - Aaron Rogers will be the scapegoat NO matter the season's outcome...If they win, they say "well, Brett led them there last year, so all he had to do was steer the boat straight"; when they lose, it will be "...See!  If only we'd brought Farve back...he would had put us back into..."


It's like a never-ending Soap Opera.  I'm glad I'm a Cowboys fan!!

7/12/08   |   danny_n94   |   114 respect

And Brett waffling on retirement

7/12/08   |   DeeRigga   |   5704 respect

Your point is that Aaron Rodgers should lead the team...hes not the man and he never will be.Its Bretts team to lose and hes not going to walk away after a 13-3 season. Aaron Rogers was hurt once already be a QB in this league requires toughness and he hasent proven nothing

And Brett Farve didn't win a dayum thing last year...They went 13-3 on a hyped group of youngsters and the knowledge that this could/should be Brett's last run.  No need to wait.  What if they take him back and he stinks up the whole season...who would you blame?  COULDN'T be Farve's fault, cuz he's a demigod, right? 

Look, I like Brett Farve, but this "I wanna quit...nawwww, I wanna play" crap is doing nothing but giving the media a plethora of non-news to make the GB management look dopey.  And I DISAGREE with anyone that says he's their best chance at returning to where they were last year; that is WHY he quit, because he HAD THEM THERE and HE CHOKED!!  Rest in Peace, Brett (and I mean that as rest, not DEAD!)...You will still be among the greats - you have nothing else to prove

7/12/08   |   Nate   |   128 respect

Poor horse can't take the blinders off.

7/12/08   |   Nate   |   128 respect

you do realize that by allowing Brett back on the roster; one of those QB's (Brohm or Flynn) will get relegated to the practice squad as I stated above -correct??? And on the practice squad- a team cannot protect you! There are quite a few NFC contenders that would love nothing more than to get a possibly good QB dirt cheap ( teams like Dallas, New York Giants, Minnesota, Chicago, Tampa Bay, Seattle all come to mind) and without using any draft picks to do so. Though Brett is a great QB- how much longer can he actually play and is he worth loosing a potentially great future NFL Star over??? He has put the Organization into a very bad position and who can even say that he will have another great season?? With age comes injuries and one hard shot could end his season and the one he took against Dallas that knocked him out last season is evidence of that- and it wasn't even a very hard shot either! I think that Green Bay should trade him (or allow him to play backup) because that would be in the best interest of the TEAM!

He doesn't care about the team, read his post.  He only follows a player, nevermind the fact that player is potentially screwing over a team.

7/12/08   |   danny_n94   |   114 respect

Well, dont forget now that the real deal's last pass was picked and cost the Pack a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Not too mention the Pack back in March after his holiness retired had agreed to have Brett come back for one more season and Favre ultimately declined. What a great guy. Ya, GB owes him. Not in this lifetime. Fact remains this guy has been wishy washy on retirement the past 3 off season. Good riddance. Not everyone can retire as a SB winning QB in his last game. Now it is for certain Favre wont either

7/12/08   |   Nate   |   128 respect

Retool there what?Brett was the force in the 13-3 year last year..Aaron Rogers held the clipboard...And nobody questioned Michael Jordan and his retirement fiascos...the Organization owes Brett Favre whatever he wants..They were nothing without Brett..I was there was ugliness..and Brett has brought beauty from ugliness..Sure hes messed up..but remember..hes no actor and the world is his stage ..give him the benefit of the doubt..if he wants to play let him play.

The Packers owe Brett Favre?  You mean he didn't get paid the entire time he played there?  If it wasn't for Green Bay, Brett Favre may have very well sat on the Atlanta bench for most of his career.  Who owes who?

7/12/08   |   Nate   |   128 respect

If Brett Favre is traded away,Ted Thompson and his croonies better find a new home could get ugly.Where ever the Ironman ends up ..thats where my loyalty lies..he gave it all to the Packers and this is how they repay his efforts..Shame on Ted and his croonies...a back-up is just that a back-up and thats all Aaron Rogers has been ...what has Brett done?3 League MVPs, Super Bowl Champion and most importantly..he added excitement to every game and a fan always felt that Brett gave it all ..what more can you ask?

Tony Romo was just a back up, didn't even step onto the field until they decided to yank Bledsoe out of the NY Giants game.  Steve Young was just a back up also, until Joe Montana got injured.  What about Tom Brady?  In fact go around the league and you will find plenty of guys who were just back ups until they took another players place.  The managment is sick of Brett's games, I can't say that I blame them.  He had his opportunity to stay with the Packers and decided to retire.  Now he wants to renig on that three months later?  Packers aren't going to shift their focus back on to having Brett on the team when they would have to change everything in a little over a month.

7/12/08   |   cowboysfan777

Scott Senay wrote:
Posted without comment via Deadspin:

I see Brett in more of a brown n orange colored jersey (Da Bears).  They have a better chance of getting 2 the playoffs, and still stick it to Green Bay for letting him go!

7/11/08   |   Nate   |   128 respect

Your point is that Aaron Rodgers should lead the team...hes not the man and he never will be.Its Bretts team to lose and hes not going to walk away after a 13-3 season. Aaron Rogers was hurt once already be a QB in this league requires toughness and he hasent proven nothing
(Edited by Nate)

And how exactly is he going to prove anything when Ol' man Brett keeps being less decisive than a 17 year old girl trying to pick a prom dress?  The Packers have a young team, I think if you add up the entire team's age it still comes out to being younger than Brett Favre.  If you are going to develop chemistry with a QB and a team do it while they are all young and can play with each other awhile.  Brett needs to let the young guys take the game.  Beside, Rodgers looked pretty damn good against the Cowboys last season, a lot better than Favre.

7/11/08   |   Scott Senay

(Edited by Nate)

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7/10/08   |   Nate   |   128 respect

Didnt Michael Jordan retire three times?Brett never had his "statue" unveiled to my knowledge. He never turned in his "official" retirement technically he never retired. Wait till the statue comes out before you rush to conclusions...

Wow, did you even read the blog? My guess is no. My statement was Green Bay needs to do what os best for the team, and that is keep Favre on track for retirement.

7/10/08   |   NickMulder   |   11 respect

Well done

7/10/08   |   snbslugger

The Dude, or in this case, The Nate, is wise.

7/10/08   |   primo   |   1 respect

Favre is acting like a schizo ex-girlfriend, first she wants out and then wants to come back because it was a mistake. How about this, sit down with Darius Miles and Josh Howard and smoke a bowl.

7/10/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'm just amazed how Favre has gotten away with this for so long. Anyone else who even attempted to do this would get killed by fans and the press.

Favre's getting closer to that though, especially if he keeps this up.

7/10/08   |   Bmeister   |   5 respect

Well said, Nate.