Green Bay Packers loss to Washington Redskins likely to give rise to multiple tight end offense

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIt seems that it is inevitable that the Green Bay Packers will have to resort to a two tight end offense in the absence of receiver Randall Cobb who will be missing eight weeks owing to a fractured fibula.
Cobbs was shifted to the injured reserve list on Tuesday which means he will be returning to play. The bad news is he will be unable to practice with the team and use their facilities for six weeks and cannot come back to game for eight weeks.
Cobb is a major player in the Packers and the plays are all based on him and his gameplay. With him out of the picture for now, they will have to revamp their gameplay and start making new plans for their offense.
Their receiver James Jones is also in trouble. Suffering from a sprained knee that could potentially sideline him for a short while, his status is uncertain. For now, he has not been sidelined and will be playing against the Cleveland Browns this week.
Coach Mike McCarthy has definitely done a good job with the offense without Jones. He has managed to restart the running game they were lacking and the two tight end offense has proven itself to be productive and successful, which means we will be seeing more of it in the future.
The Green Bay Packers gave signs that they would be adding the two tight end offense to their gameplay for the coming future as they brought receiver Myles White from their practice squad into their active roster. They also added tight end Jake Stoneburner with him. Their receivers remain in good form along with the 5 tight ends.
Since the 2013 regular season began the Packers have been relying on an offense constituted of one running back, one tight end and three receivers. but they were reduced to two receivers when Cobb and Jones got injured in the first half. McCarthy reviewed his strategy and decided to try the new offense which worked marvellously. Keeping them in mind, he plans to apply it in the coming matches and even improve on it.
But it isn’t that the coach thinks that the new two tight end offense is a play that is very effective and will always remain productive and has no holes in it. If it was the case, he would have been deploying it more in his matches. 
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