Greg Jennings says he didnít mean to disrespect the Packers

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsGreg Jennings, former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, has been under a lot of heat for the scathing comments he made after his departure from the franchise but it seems he may have taken it one step too far. Now a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, he says that he didn’t intend them to be derogatory and still has respect for his old time despite what he said. With the Packers set to face the Vikings on Sunday, the heat is picking up.
Jennings was a wide receiver for the Packers for seven seasons, a long stretch. He signed a five year $47.5 million deal with the Vikings this March but didn’t leave his good times on a high note. After his departure, he made criticizing comments about his former team’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers and said that the franchise demanded too much control over players.
Despite standing by some of his comments, Jennings said that his remarks were not meant to be hateful or critical and he still had the same respect for Packers as he had when he played for them.
He said he was just passing some trash talk that the media blew out of proportions and people took real serious.

"It was just really messing around initially, and then everyone kind of blew it a little bit out of proportion. I have the most respect for that organization,” he said.

"I probably took it a little too far. No, I was happy there. Obviously there's things that go on throughout life that you wish would be different. But it is what it is. You have to roll with the punches,” the wide receiver said. “Obviously, on my end of it, I feel like there were a lot of things that were kind of manipulated to appear a lot worse than what I was intending for them to be.
“That's just, as a player, you have to watch what you say, so you learn and you grow.
He said that he enjoyed his time with the Packers and respected for the opportunities they had given him.

"That's behind me, but at the same time I have the utmost respect for that organisation,” Jennings said. “I was just really razzing a little bit with Aaron, just knowing how he is and just going back and forth with some of the guys. It wasn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings.
Jennings said that he began his career with the Packers and had his friends over there with who he was still in contact.
“I had my most successful years there, and I still have relations with some of the guys over there and still have the respect that I had when I was playing there with them. I still have respect for them."
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Translation: "Please don't kill us this Sunday."