Greg Monroe Questions Pistons Motivation

Monroe Unhappy with Teammatesí Efforts

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Jan 22, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons center Greg Monroe (10) waits for an interview after the game against the Orlando Magic at The Palace of Auburn Hills. The Pistons won 105-90. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY SportsLosing by 32 points is never fun, especially when your opponent shoots 63% from the field and posts a whopping 129 points in regulation, 70 in the first half alone. 
“Just no effort, no fight,” Pistons Power Forward Greg Monroe said after the game.  “I don’t know, maybe guys don’t care.  Something has to change, though.  This can’t continue.  If you don’t want to play, just say it.  This has got to stop.  It’s unacceptable.”
Despite going up against a well-rounded Clippers team with their eyes on a playoff run, Monroe expected much more from his team: “We prepared the same way we prepare every game.  We had enough information and we knew what they were going to do.”
Monroe had one of his weaker games of the season against the Clippers, shooting 2-8 with only 10 points and 5 rebounds in 32 minutes, while turning the ball over 3 times.  On the offensive front, the Pistons could have done a lot worse against the Clippers.  They still put up 97 points behind 5 double digit scoring efforts, led by a solid outing from Point Guard Jose Calderon who posted 18 points, shooting 4-5 from beyond the arc.  On the whole, it was the defensive effort that truly hurt the Pistons and aggravated Monroe primarily.
Calderon added to Monroe’s sentiment after the loss, saying, “if somebody’s not really disappointed or embarrassed, there’s something going on.”
After a 13-point loss to Utah Monday night, the Pistons are now 0-6 in March and have lost 9 of their past 10 dating back to February.
It’s been a tough season for Detroit.  The 2012-2013 campaign began with 8 straight losses, but the team started to even out after that, putting themselves in the running for the eighth seed in the East around the mid-point of the season.  If they could have put together a nice string of wins after the all-star break, they could have potentially been in consideration for a playoff spot.
But the streak never came and now the Pistons find themselves sitting 11th in the East, 11.5 games back of the 8-seeded Bucks.
“When the guys know they’re not playing for the playoffs, maybe they’re looking forward to the end of the season,” temporary Head Coach Brian Hill said after the Clippers loss.
All in all, the Pistons need to respond to Monroe’s critiques.  He’s the focal point of the franchise at this point in time, and in order for the team to continue moving forward, he’ll need to be happy with the players around him, and confident that his teammates can give the efforts necessary for improving the team going into next year.
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