Greg Oden Participates in First Full Practice

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Blog Photo - Greg Oden Participates in First Full Practice
This past Monday was a big milestone in Greg Oden’s career; it was the first time the big man went through an entire practice. Oden has yet to play in a preseason game, but has been doing a lot of work in the practice facility. And this past Monday was the first time he was able to scrimmage with his teammates five-on-five.
"It felt good to get out there and get some up-and-down," Oden said. “You can see I'm frustrated because I'm not as back as I want to be. But it's little steps, and today was another step, getting out there and doing some five on five." 
His teammate LeBron James said, "He fouled me twice today, and I scored on him, too. For him to be able to stick with it and be here -- we went five on five -- it's a testament to him keeping his composure, him believing in himself, his family believing in him. He's back where he belongs, and that's in the NBA."
Oden does not think he will play on Tuesday against the Washington Wizards, but as long as his swelling continues to subside after the scrimmages, it won’t be long before Oden is back on the court.
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