Greg Oden rehabilitating, could make a comeback

Who's the next team to gamble on Greg Oden?

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Dec 16, 2011; Portland, OR, USA; Portland Trailblazers center Greg Oden (52) poses for a photo during media day at the Rose Garden. Mandatory Credit: Craig Mitchelldyer-US PRESSWIREFormer #1 overall pick Greg Oden has played in 82 total games so far in his NBA career. The #2 pick in that same 2007 Draft was Kevin Durant. Their careers couldn't possibly be more different.

Oden has scored 773 points in the six years since that draft. Durant has scored more than twice that in every single season.

Oden has won literally zero awards as an NBA player. Durant already has four All Star games under his belt, is a three time 1st team All-NBA selection, has a Rookie of the Year award and an All Star Game MVP on his mantle, and is a 12-time Player of the Week.

Durant is living the dream right now, despite being knocked out of the playoffs a bit earlier than he had hoped.

Oden, on the other hand, is rehabilitating. Again. Every comeback results in another setback. Every moment of hope is eventually met with despair.

Yet there's a scout out there who is saying that his latest rehabilitation efforts have been going well, and that Oden looks 'unbelievable.'

Undoubtedly, this will eventually result in another team giving him a shot. Despite the fact that he has done almost nothing in the NBA so far, his 7-foot frame and skilled low-post game make him appealing to teams all over the league.

So which team is going to bite the bullet and give Oden another shot, only to watch him go down with another injury less than two weeks into his comeback?
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