Greg Schiano and the wilting Belichick coaching tree

Greg Schiano's Dwindling Tenure In Tampa

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Oct 24, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano reacts against the Carolina Panthers during the first half at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsSome enterprising insider from the Buccaneers needs to write a book about the Greg Schiano tenure as head coach. It will be short, but juicy with no shortage of comments as to why it degenerated into such a disaster so quickly.
If Schiano’s work and off-field nightmare as Bucs coach doesn’t harpoon the idea that simply because a coach comes with a seal of approval from Patriots coach Bill Belichick he'll work out, then nothing will. Schiano is trying to be Belichick. Unsurpisingly, it’s failing. The head coaches that have come from Belichick’s coaching tree have had very little practical success and their resumes were far superior to that of Schiano. In fact, most did such poor jobs that they’re unlikely to get another chance anytime soon.
The noteworthy names of coaches who came out from under Belichick follow:
  • Eric Mangini – 33-47 record in five seasons with the Jets and Browns; 0-1 in the playoffs; fired twice.
  • Romeo Crennel – 28-55 record in five-plus seasons with the Browns and Chiefs, fired twice.
  • Josh McDaniels – 11-17 record in 28 games with the Broncos; fired after game 12 in his second season.
  • Nick Saban – 15-17 record with the Dolphins; resigned to take over the University of Alabama where he refurbished his credentials as the best college football coach in the land.
  • Charlie Weis – 38-43 college head coaching career; fired by Notre Dame in the midst of a ten-year contract; current coach at Kansas.
  • Bill O’Brien – has done a masterful job with Penn State in rebuilding from the wreckage after Jerry Sandusky’s arrest and Joe Paterno’s downfall.
Except for O’Brien all of the above coaches were known, of course, for their failures as head coaches. Apart from Crennel and O’Brien, most were completely unlikable while they were coaching and it seemed to be so by design. Of all coaches, if any coach mirrors what’s happened with Schiano, it’s McDaniels during his time as Broncos head coach. The main difference being that Schiano has been worse.
It’s one thing to work under a coach and adopt some of his techniques and foundational points for running a team. It’s another to morph into his personality whether it fits or not. If you watched Mangini as an ESPN analyst before he went to work for the 49ers as a consultant, he was quick-witted, open and engaging. He displayed none of those traits during his two coaching jobs with the Jets and Browns where he looked to be acting as if part of his job description was to be miserable. McDaniels was just plain arrogant and obnoxious, alienating everyone from the top down in his attempts to mimic his mentor.  
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