Gregg Popovich Drops F Bombs at Dwight Howard

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Blog Photo - Gregg Popovich Drops F Bombs at Dwight Howard
During an interview with Mike and Mike, Stephen A. Smith said that his sources told him that Coach Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs dropped a few “f” bombs towards Dwight Howard’s direction.  During the All Star game, a timeout was called where Pop specifically drew a play for Dwight Howard, but instead of being on the court after the timeout, Howard was still in his warm-ups joking around on the bench.
The militant Popovich, however, would have none of it.  Even though this was just an All Star game, it was Howard’s lack of respect for the game that drew Popovich absolutely mad. 
Howard has often been criticized by Kobe Bryant for his lack of focus and commitment, so the latest drama surrounding Howard doesn’t come as any surprise. 
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Coach Pop don't play!

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Dwight Howard is a cancer. Attitude and character play a huge part in being a superstar in this league. While Howard may put up his numbers, he brings zero intangibles to a game that makes a difference. I firmly believe he will never win a championship.