Gregg Williams reinstated, instantly gets a job

Gregg "Bounty-gate" Williams gets reinstated, immediately hired by Tennessee Titans

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Blog Photo - Gregg Williams reinstated, instantly gets a jobEvery single speck of dust has now officially settled from the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal of last year's NFL off-season. Sean Payton is back as the New Orleans Saints coach, every player's suspension has been overturned, and now Gregg Williams has been reinstated to coach again -- and he's already been hired as the Tennessee Titans' senior assistant on defense.

Golly, I'm old enough that I remember that era way back eight months ago when Gregg Williams would "never coach in this league again".

Gregg Williams is coaching in this league again, though, effective this morning. The NFL reinstated Gregg Williams and he's been hired by the Titans. His Titans title is "senior assistant on defense", which means the Titans did not fire current defensive coordinator Jerry Gray -- they're just letting him know he's on an awfully short leash.

Williams had been on indefinite suspension since March 2012.

Blog Photo - Gregg Williams reinstated, instantly gets a jobRemember back when Rob Ryan said he'd be out of a coordinator job for "Like, five minutes"? Well, Gregg Williams was unemployed for like, zero minutes. The Titans announced they'd hire Williams simultaneous to the announcement of his reinstatement. 

I'm guessing there was already a secret agreement in place.

Williams made his very first public statement at a press conference in Nashville. "I’m thankful and grateful and will immediately begin to work tirelessly to fulfill the commitments I’ve made to this organization and to the Nashville community to help the Tennessee Titans football team be successful," Williams said.

"I take full responsibility and apologize for my previous actions and I’ve used this year to reorganize my life and put focus on positive energy and positive ways to inspire and coach and motivate in this profession."

That statement sounds like it was prepared by someone else. It contrasts markedly from Williams' locker room speech in a 2012 playoff game -- "We don't f****** apologize for how we're going to play."
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