Gregg Williams wants reinstatement to the NFL

While trying to grovel back into the NFL, Gregg Williams may have violated his suspension

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Blog Photo - Gregg Williams wants back into the NFLDisgraced defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has officially begun the process of attempting to get himself reinstated into coaching in the National Football League. Unfortunately for him, it looks like he may have kicked off the process by violating the terms of his suspension.

The NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora reported Wednesday that talks are already underway between the league office and Williams' representatives to see if Williams may be allowed to coach in the NFL again, what he'd have to do to get back into Roger Goodell's good graces. Williams is currently suspended indefinitely for his role as the alleged ringleader of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal.

LaCanfora writes that "Williams, through his advisers, has been in contact with high-ranking NFL officials to discuss what steps are to be taken during his indefinite suspension to allow him to apply for reinstatement."

Meanwhile, the Sporting News reports that St. Louis Rams officials are involved in the discussions as well. This may indicate that the Rams still want Williams on board if and when he's allowed to return.

CommunicaBlog Photo - Gregg Williams wants back into the NFLtion with the suits at the league office is within Williams' rights. They make the rules, and it is not unreasonable to ask for clarification on how to follow these rules.

Communication with Williams' buddies in the NFL is not within Williams' rights. This is where Williams may be in "Houston, we have a problem" territory.

You may have seen that Williams kicked off his rehabilitation tour by helping a tornado victim in Wichita, Kansas. Then on Wednesday, San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke went out his way to say nice things to the Sacramento Bee about his old friend Gregg Williams.

"I worked with Gregg," Baalke told the Bee. "And Gregg's a friend, always been a friend. It was only fitting that you reach out and speak with him, and I felt very good about the conversation."

Aaaaaand there's the rub. Reporter Matt Barrows notes that Williams and Baalke spoke "earlier this month". At that point Williams was already suspended, as the suspension took effect on March 21. A suspended player or coach is not supposed to have any contact with any employees of the league, with the exception of their team's owner of human resources personnel.

That said, it's possible that Williams or Baalke reported the conversation to the league offices. Suspended personnel do have 24 hours to report any contact to NFL security.

Or it is also possible that the Gregg Williams image rehabilitation tour is off to a worse start than the Mel Gibson image rehabilitation tour.

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As much as I'd love to see Williams banned for life, this is pretty harsh. I'm not a huge fan of the Goodell dictatorship.