Grizzlies Owner Michael Heisley Questions Pau Gasol Trade
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Sleeping In Memphis

6/5/08 in NBA   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Mark Cuban is not your typical NBA owner. You knew this already. Not every suit wants their hands on every aspect of the organization and provide input on personnel decisions. Many find Cuban's style appalling, but one owner in particular could learn a thing or two from the Maverick.

Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley has just now decided to question the value he got in exchange for Pau Gasol.
“I don’t know if I got the most value,” Heisley confessed. “Maybe our people should’ve shopped (Gasol) more and maybe we would’ve gotten more, done a better deal. Maybe Chris did call every team in the league. I don’t think he did, but maybe he should’ve…”
As you can see, they're really on top of things in Memphis.

It doesn't take an NBA die-hard to see which team got hosed in the Pau Gasol for scraps trade that Lakers GM  Jerry West Mitch Kupchak was able to convince Grizzlies GM Jerry West Chris Wallace in biting.

Heisley, who claims to be great friends with Jerry West, is certain Mr. Logo had nothing to do with the trade. Whether he did (which he did) or not isn't even the issue anymore. The concern for Griz fans should be with the intelligence of the front office.

Meanwhile, I'll await word from Heisley confirming that he believes the Lakers will make the NBA Finals. He's quick like that.

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6/5/08   |   Chachi_Azzhola   |   2 respect

I live down here in the Memphis area, so I passed out the thumbs up here.  Yes, this is what the Griz are trying to pass off to the Memphis market as a professional team.  The Griz owner Heisley seemed oblivious to this point and was actually working on a deal to sell the team to Christian Laetner to return to the league as an owner-coach last year: Thank the Lord and Laetner's bad credit that deal did not go through! Not only would The Griz have been the worst team in the league, but they may as well have suited up Laetner's team-mates in clown suits as well.  I don't believe Heisley is as blameless as he would have us believe.  Not that he's a competent judge of NBA talent, but Gasol's trade was a salary dump to further position the team for sale.  Would YOU rather go to a Griz game (remember Kwame Brown now) or a college game of the Tigers of West Tennessee State Normal College, er, I mean, Memphis State Univesity, er, I mean Memphis University, er, I mean The University of Memphis or whatever ever the Hell Tiger High is calling themselves these days?

6/5/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

There are Grizzlies fans?  Where are they hiding?  It's been one of the most incompetent front offices in sports since their inception, and while this move may have been the coup de grâce, it doesn't change the fact that it's a "If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it" scenario.

Sure, it'd be nice if David Stern stepped up and demanded competition from all his league's organizations, but he doesn't.  He seems content with being the third (and possibly 4th after a riveting Stanley Cup) best sport in the US.

Tiger says nobody cares about hockey, but fewer and fewer people care about the NBA every year.  Clowns assbackwardsly rail against the Spurs, but when the sport is dying at the hands of every other anti-team, chock full of thugged out prima donna man-children, you have to wonder what's so bad about the Spurs?  At least they take care of business.

If the worst team - in a dying league with record-low interest despite a renewed rivalry from it's heyday - makes a bad a trade, does anybody care?

The Grizz used to have fans can in Vancouver before Bryant Reeves ate them.


As for the Memphis edition, they have become the Clippers in their own town. The Memphis Tigers are infinitely more entertaining and don't have a pesky salary cap to deal with so they can get the best talent. . . .

6/5/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Look Fed-Ex is right there in Memphis, ship the team to someone who would actually care!


Excuse me Mr. Stern but could you stop living off the success of the 80's and start working to make this league worth caring about. 

6/5/08   |   kantwistaye   |   4216 respect

Might be time for new ownership and front office people in Memphis... not that I have a problem with them.