Gut Feeling: The Pros and Cons of the Ed Reed Signing

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Gut Feeling is a completely unsolicited, unfounded, and downright irresponsible breakdown of some of the hot, hot, hot sports debates of the day. The following analysis is intended to stimulate thought, disregard "statistics" and "facts,", and leave the reader more emotionally confused on the subject than they began. Today we're looking at the Jets' signing of legendary safety Ed Reed.


1. Kept him away from Belichick and the Patriots, who had intended to harvest his brain and study it for football science.

2. A leading candidate to play Black Santa Claus in the Jets annual Christmas gala (Nick Mangold is White Santa Claus).

3. Expected to act as a mentor to the Jets' young secondary, a GRE tutor to all of Northern New Jersey and a camp counselor for the greater tri-state area. 

4. Now that the black cloud that is Ed Reed has been lifted from over Houston, the Texans can finally get on with winning some God damn football games.

5. Gets the opportunity to return to Baltimore for a second time this season, which is good because he left his wallet there back in week 3.


1. It has yet to be confirmed if the man wearing the #22 Ed Reed Jets jersey is actually Ed Reed or just a homeless man from the surrounding area and there's really no way to tell for sure.

2. Once he's seen roaming the free safety position on a Segway everybody else is going to want one.

3. His arrival promoted Rex Ryan to dare opponents to throw deep on the Jets, meaning opponents may actually begin throwing deep on the Jets.

4. Is actually Antonio Cromartie's father, which, if discovered, could get awkward.

5. Will require at least 3 more hips to get through the season.


No matter how this plays out, this is a win for the Jets who have finally found a way to make headlines and enter into the national sports conversation.

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