Gut Feeling: Who Will Win the NFC Championship Game?

Gut Feeling: Who will win the NFC Championship Game?

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Gut Feeling is a completely unsolicited, unfounded, and downright irresponsible breakdown of some of the hot, hot, hot sports debates of the day. The following analysis is intended to stimulate thought, disregard "statistics" and "facts,", and leave the reader more emotionally confused on the subject than they began. Today, we're looking at the NFC championship game.

Why the Seahawks will win

1. The 12th man has spent it's entire season building up to this moment.  It will storm the field and cannibalize the San Francisco 49ers early in the first half. 

2. The comparison of Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick's Instagram accounts has been making the rounds lately. Sunday is the perfect opportunity for God to weigh in on the situation and shine his light down on Wilson, who is clearly the better man for not having a sneaker collection.

3. Richard Sherman invented pass interference, therefore he's allowed to do it.

4. The entire Seahawks squad will enter this game with unparalleled focus thanks in part to their team-wide Adderall prescription.

Why the 49ers will win

1. Russell Wilson is too short. He'll never make it in the NFL.

2. The Niners will make a statement on the first play of the game by running over to the sideline and delivering a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit on Percy Harvin, just to be sure. 

3. Frank Gore was raised by a herd of wild rhinos. 

4. Pete Carroll promotes a happy, relaxed atmosphere by encouraging his players to shoot hoops and do yoga. Jim Harbaugh uses that time to practice football.


Without a signature celebration to mock, Colin Kaepernick will not be able to find any motivation to score touchdowns and the game will slip away from the Niners late in the 4th. Seahawks 19 49ers 17. 

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