Gut Feeling: Who should start at QB for the Vikings?

Gut Feeling: Who should start at QB for the Vikes?

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Blog Photo - Gut Feeling: Who should start at QB for the Vikings?
Who should be the face of the Vikings disastrous 2013 season?
Gut Feeling is a completely unsolicited, unfounded, and downright irresponsible breakdown of some of the hot, hot, hot sports debates of the day. The following analysis is intended to stimulate thought, disregard as many "statistics" and "facts" as possible, and leave the reader more emotionally confused on the subject than they began. Today we're looking at the Christian Ponder versus Josh Freeman.
Christian Ponder

1. Does not suffer from recurring nightmares featuring Greg Schiano's face, unlike Freeman.
2. Did not play last Monday night.
3. Has made the playoffs, as opposed to Freeman who has trouble making it to the team photo. 
4. Is not freakishly tall.
5. Adrian Peterson himself described Christian Ponder's hand-off as "savvy" and "fearless."

Josh Freeman

1. Can not join his wife's healthcare plan if his NFL career doesn't workout, unlike Ponder.
2. Is being paid by not one but two NFL teams, so he must be pretty good. 
3. Is tall.
4. ??? Let's skip this one.
5. Has reportedly suffered a concussion, which could mean that everything's been knocked back into place and football once again makes sense to him. 
6. His total QBR of 6.1 last Monday night may be the lowest score ever recorded, ever, but it's also a pretty sizable earthquake. So lay off.

Verdict: Christian Ponder should start for all the marbles so that one way or another, we can close the book on him. Once that's over with, we can check out Josh Freeman again. Didn't work? How about Matt Cassell? Hmmm, did that go horribly? Now what the hell are we going to do? Oh, the season's over?! Thank God. Let's go draft a real QB, Minnesota! 

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10/24/13   |   Scott   |   53586 respect

I say bench all 3 of the stooges and let Joe Webb and Adrian Peterson run the show

10/24/13   |   Jess   |   34814 respect

(Edited by Jess)

Eff it, just throw Frazier under center.

(edit..whoops...I was typing somewhere else about the other dude before coming in here...)