Guy who threw banana at Adam Jones comes forward

Internet finds guy who threw banana at Orioles' Adam Jones

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Blog Photo - Guy who threw banan at Adam Jones comes forwardIt has been a matter of Internet uproar all day Monday that Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones alleges that a banana was thrown at him by a fan during Sunday's Orioles-Giants game at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Jones took to Twitter to vent about the racist act, and the San Francisco Giants organization offered a formal apology while insisting on a full investigation. The Giants said in a statement that "We have been investigating the matter since we learned of the situation, unfortunately we have been unable to identify the person responsible."

The person responsible has been found. In fact, the person responsible stepped forward himself. He phoned the San Jose Mercury News to turn himself in, claiming he had no idea the banana would fly at Jones and did not mean to throw the banana as an act of racism.

The Giants fan who threw the banana at Adam Jones has identified himself as Alexander Poulides, 42, of Northern California. Mr. Poulides claims he was just pissed that Giants pitcher Barry Zito had given up a three-run homer to Jones, and simply grabbed the nearest available object to hurl at the field (in this case, a banana from an AT&T Park catering cart). He insists he did not intend to target Jones or anyone with the banana.

When Poulides arrived home, he saw the incident being covered on the news after Jones' Twitter outburst at having a banana thrown his way. "Oh, my god,'' Poulides claims he said to himself. "I threw a banana on my way out."

Blog Photo - Guy who threw banan at Adam Jones comes forwardMr. Poulides says he was not racially motivated to throw the banana. Personally, I have never seen banana-throwing at a U.S. sports event in my life (it did happen in 2011). But it is an ugly recurrence in the  English Premier League and European soccer that fans will often taunt black players by throwing bananas at them. The photo at left was taken in 2010 and the EPL has had banana-throwing incidents as recently as last August.

That said, I tend to believe the guy who threw the banana at Adam Jones. Most Americans are probably not familiar with banana tossing as a racist taunting meme, and fellow did immediately identify himself as the perpetrator. Do we believe a guy who threw a banana and claims it wasn't racist? Sound off in the comments, or whatever Internet medium you use to complain at someone once you've found out their real name.

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