HBO wants the Jets to be on Hard Knocks, but Rex Ryan is against it

Rex Ryan hates America

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March 28, 2012; Columbia, SC, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan watches the South Carolina pro day at Williams-Brice Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Blake-US PRESSWIREHBO wants to film another season of their NFL preseason show "Hard Knocks," and they'd love to feature the Jets again.

Jets owner Woody Johnson loves the idea. Surprisingly, it's their notorious attention whore of a coach who is opposed to the idea.

That's right. Rex Ryan, who will say damn near anything to get himself on TV, doesn't want his team appearing on the show again.

Initially, HBO targeted the Broncos, but were shot down immediately. Now, they're focusing on the Jets, where we'll soon find out who wins the power struggle between Johnson and Ryan.

Last time the Jets were on Hard Knocks it was pure video gold. From Ryan and his "g**damn snacks" to Antonio Cromartie struggling to list off the names of his 8 children, every show was must-see TV.

This year, with the Tim Tebow in the mix, it would undoubtedly be widlly popular and probably pretty entertaining.

If Ryan has his way and the Jets pass on the opportunity, HBO will apparently go after the 49ers and Ravens, in an effort to run with the Harbaugh storyline. The Jaguars say they'd love to be featured on the show, but not surprisingly, they're low on HBO's priority list.

Should Rex Ryan back down and let the Jets appear on Hard Knocks?
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