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Had an Annoying Day? Nah...UCONN WON

1/29/08 in Locker Room   |   Ali   |   respect

Well, as I awoke Monday morning,  Tired from a lack of sleep from working late into the night on my new puppets, I discovered that we had overslept.  So I quickly managed to get the two 5 year olds who call me mom up. Moved them towards getting dressed and ready to go to school while I checked the puppet heads.  I was hoping that when I got home from my car service appointment that morning, I could begin painting them.  They were still wet...ugh... Then I ran in to brush my teeth- and CRAP.  The stitches from my jaw surgery decided this morning was a great time to let loose...So skipping breakfast for fear of pulling more stitches out, I got the kids off to school, and headed to get my car's oil changed.  I also managed to contact OSU- where I had the surgery done, to find out what I needed to do about the stitches.  I made an appointment to get the stitches removed that afternoon.  Then I got a call about my car and the 21.95 oil change turned into a 978.50 bill, as breaks, battery, transmission, ect...all needed some TLC. 


Then I had to deal with the logistical nightmare of going to OSU main campus, picking up both kids from two different schools and at different times, all without a car.  Lucky for me my mom was able to at least lend me her vehicle- stitches were removed, kids didn't spend the night at their schools, the puppet heads were dry, and by 7:30 PM I was headed to pick up my car. 


Due to the insanity of my day- A day where nothing horrific happened, but certainly didn't go well- I had completely forgotten that UCONN was playing.  On the way to pick up my car, I got a text asking if I was watching the game, and if not, did I want updates from a dear friend.  I said HECK YA, I want updates.  And although I was not able to actually watch the game due to the car pick up and bedtime duties with the fore mentioned 5 year olds, I was able to keep tabs on the game.  I am not sure that it helped my daughter get to bed, when she would keep asking me the score when my phone would beep, but it certainly kept my spirits up that my Huskies were doing well. 


 And when the won, it seemed that nothing bad happened all day.  That my day ran as smoothly as butter on bread, forgetting all the crap that made my day, a bit difficult.  But isn't that one of the things that sports do for us? A diversion from the daily grind.  And when our teams win,  its like all is right in the world. We forget our issues, even if its just for a moment.  When  they struggle, or lose, we are right there beside them, but even still, we feel we are not alone in our struggles.  We get down, but know that there is always another chance, another game to bring our teams, and ultimately us, back to the victor's podium.


So yeah, not that yesterday's troubles were enjoyable, but the day certainly ended on a good note with UCONN's victory.  Gives hope that UCONN will continue to do well, and also that maybe tomorrow my day,  will be a better day.

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