Haikus inspired by the aging Yankees

Haiku in the outfield: The Aging Yankees Collection

4/22/13 in MLB   |   GFortier   |   520 respect

Blog Photo - Haikus inspired by the aging Yankees
Whether you yearn for the day the Evil Empire crumbles or are a lifetime fan of the Bombers as I am, this collection of haikus should help you find peace with the current state of the Yankees.

Rain delay
The Aging Empire’s
Arthritis is acting up,
Indicating rain.
Batting 6th
Donning wrinkled ‘stripes
Fans yearn for names on jerseys
Who the hell's at-bat?
90s boys
Graying Pettitte, Mo:
Trudge onward, steadfast,
dream of better times.
4:30 PM Supper
Ailed by Father Time,
A winning record despite,
Early Bird Specials.
A has-been roster
A lineup of curmudgeons
A-Rod returning

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