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It got a little hairy in the last 8 minutes or so last night in Denver, but because I was on the Wolves just to win the game, I came away with another win.  Yes, I did know before game time that Ty Lawson and Faried would both play for the Nugs, but I was undeterred.  If I had been on the number with the Wolves, I might have backed off the whole thing, but as it was, I actually got a better price, (-230), than what I was looking at when yesterday's post was made.  So, it was sort of a win-win in the end.

I wanted to ridicule the NBA today, but that's way too easy, and we've got lots to get to for tonight's schedules in both The Association and college hoops.  So, away we go!

COLLEGE HOOPS  (1-3 ATS/2-2 SU/3-1 TOTALS last night and 11-11/17-5/10-12 so far for the week)

  BUTTA  (no play last night and 2-0 so far for the week)
PARLAY:  HOUSTON (-315) over S. Florida and W. MICHIGAN (-470) over N. Illinois - Very quietly, Houston has put together a solid season.  They won't get an invitation to The Madness, but a postseason berth in one of the "lesser" tourneys is in their future if they close strong in their last couple of games against S. Florida tonight and C. Florida on Friday night.  There's also a really good chance that one of those teams will be their 1st round opponent in the inaugural AAC tourney next week.  That would be 3 wins to get them to 18-14 for the season, and that should be good enough for postseason play.  They're a big team, and they can score, and that gives them a huge edge over this opponent because the Bulls struggle on offense.  If the Coogs aren't looking too far ahead, this game could be a rout.  N. Illinois has become a feisty bunch as they've progressed through the conference schedule, but the only MAC team with a winning record that they've been able to beat was Toledo in a huge upset last week.  That particular game made this game a monster game for Western.  They're going to need help, but if they take care of business in their last 2 games, and Toledo stumbles again, the Broncs will have the #1 seed in the conference tourney.  It's also Western's Senior Night, but for some reason, I'm still a little skitterish about laying (-9 1/2) with them.

Florida St. 74 Miami-Fla. 49
BOSTON COLLEGE (+2 1/2, O139 1/2) 72 CLEMSON (-4) 57
Virginia Tech 48 Georgia Tech (+14) 53
MARYLAND (-12 1/2) 74 SYRACUSE 58
S. Florida 71 C. Florida (+3, O147) 81
HOUSTON (-7, O137 1/2) 93 TEMPLE 73
Michigan 64 Iowa St. 65
ILLINOIS (+9 1/2, O123 1/2) 62 BAYLOR (-2, U147 1/2) 69
Creighton 65 Marquette 70
GEORGETOWN (+3 1/2, O141 1/2) 77 PROVIDENCE (-3 1/2, O137) 87
Buffalo (+2) 62 Ohio 75
Toledo 66 Ball St. 42
C. MICHIGAN (+7) 73 E. MICHIGAN (-14 1/2) 71
Miami-O. 58 N. Illinois 52
KENT ST. (-6 1/2) 73 W. MICHIGAN (-9 1/2) 66
Alabama (+13, O133 1/2) 68 Florida 69
KENTUCKY 70 S. CAROLINA (+12, U131) 59
Georgia St. 65 Arizona St. 69
ARKANSAS ST. (+2) 64 OREGON (-6 1/2, O147) 85

---Huge games in the Acc tonight with Florida St. and Clemson.  One of these teams is going to get the 6th invite to The Madness for the conference, and maybe there's a 7th if they both win out. 
---Keep an eye out for Buffalo in the MAC.  They're also in the mix for the #1 seed for the conference tourney.  They face a stiff road test tonight against Akron, but if they get by tonight's game, they get to close the regular season at home against Bowling Green.
---Oregon has 20 wins this season, but they may not make it to The Madness if they don't win out.  Fortunately for them, they finish the season with 2 home games, but they better figure out a way to play some defense if they want to make a strong push to close and be dangerous in Las Vegas next week.

THE NBA  (4-4 ATS/6-2 SU/3-5 TOTALS last night and 8-7/13-2/8-7 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (1-0 last night and so far for the week)
I've got nothing going on in the Association tonight, but get a load of some of these numbers.  WOW!

Spurs   98 Warriors   96
CAVS (+7 1/2, U203) 100 PACERS (-5, O196) 108
Heat 109 76ers   96
ROCKETS (+1, O210) 112 THUNDER (-20 1/2, O219) 124
Clippers 119 Pelicans   99
SUNS (+3 1/2, O218 1/2) 120 LAKERS (-2 1/2, U210) 107

---Are you kidding me?  20 1/2 with the Thunder?  What's worse?  The number itself, or the fact that it's totally justified.  The league really should have stepped in and done something when the Sixers were totally dismantling their squad.  I mean, I don't like too much intervention, and it is the owner's team to destroy if he so chooses to do so, but there is a question of competitive balance and integrity of the entire league also.  I guess the league office had bigger things to deal with though.  Like what color face mask is allowed for The King.  What a joke!

It's Mardi Gras!  Have a great time, but be careful out there.  I've got running to do, so I'm sorry for not being able to wait around to get all the TOTALS with college hoops.  I will talk to you tomorrow.
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