Harbaugh declares Ravens ready to beat the Steelers, Yet Again!

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Although the Baltimore Ravens posted an unconvincing 30-27 victory against the Arizona Cardinals, Coach John Harbaugh believes his team is settling down to become a better squad. After the match Harbaugh confessed that his team handed a lack lustrous performance last Sunday. Nevertheless, Harbaugh declared that he had full belief in Ravens ability to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers yet again this weekend.

Harbaugh praised the Ravens for showing unbroken wits against the Cardinals, where the match could have turned until the final whistle. Harbaugh said that if the Ravens displayed similar composure against the Steelers this week, they can defeat them for the second time this season. Ravens thrashed the Steelers 35-7 away in the season opener.

Harbaugh stated that the Ravens (5-2) had proven their strength by defeating teams like the New York Jets and Steelers this season. Harbaugh also extolled his star quarterback, Joe Flacco who has been in immaculate form this season. Flacco passed for 336 yards but remained without a touchdown against the Cardinals. Meanwhile, running back Ray Rice had 63 yards rushing yards and wide receiver Anquan Boldin had 145 yards receiving yards.

Punter Sam Koch has also been in good form, and has shown desire to clock more time on field. In a recent press release Koch stated that he would like to have more hang time on the punt, responding to that Harbaugh said, “Yeah. He could get more hang time. Sam wants to do it right. I don't know exactly off the top of my head what the hang time was; I don't think it was terrible. But, if you hang it up there and force a fair catch, then you don't have a return. He's capable of doing that. It's either that or you put it on the sideline. [There have been] plenty of times Sam has done that. So, I think that's what he's talking about. But we've got to cover it better, no doubt.”

Recently, it has been noticed that Flacco has been playing a lot of shotgun formation, especially in Delaware. Moreover, Flacco has been shining beacon in the tactic. Harbaugh commented on the issue saying that Flacco had worked very hard on the ‘shotgun’. Harbaugh said, “We've done a lot of it since he's been here. We've been in the shotgun a ton. Will we do more of it? I think it depends on the situation. Yeah, if it gives us the best chance to move the ball. [Will we do it] more than we did last year, more than we did in one game? I'm not sure what you're talking about. But, you've got to have him under the center, too. There are formations that he's going to be under center. There are certain concepts that run better from under center. But, we like him in the gun. We like him under center, too. He's been effective in the shotgun, that's true.”

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11/5/11   |   beberhart58   |   19 respect

How Cruel - Go  Black & Gold, Steelers.  No birds flyin' tomorrow.

11/4/11   |   italysqueenie   |   1278 respect

Go Steeeelers!

11/4/11   |   beberhart58   |   19 respect

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They beat the Steelers Once, Not 2 In A Row for the Birds.  Especially after taking down Brady & his henchmen.  Good luck Raven Fan.

11/4/11   |   RavensDiva   |   3 respect

The Baltimore Ravens has the knowledge and the talent.....now EXECUTE!!!!!!!  love me some baltimore ravens 53 mighty men

11/3/11   |   italysqueenie   |   1278 respect

I believe Pitsburgh has a handle on this Game...Harbaugh has his opinion....unfortunatley we dont share the same outcome...!

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11/2/11   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

The Steelers are going to be out for a little sweet revenge after opening weekend, and I'm sure they've studied what the Jags did so well on Monday night last week.

11/2/11   |   metsfan710   |   400 respect

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hahaha Omar Epps