Has Max Allegri cost Stephan El Shaarawy a spot in the World Cup?

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I'm no stranger when it comes to my feelings toward Milan Manager Max Allegri.  I think the man is horrid and clearly isn't fit to coach such a prestigious club such as AC Milan.  Every single year Milan keeps dipping in the table and it seems Allegri has no solution for Milan.  People may blame injuries and transfer market blunders for Milan's dip in form.  Although some of that is true.  The majority of the blame goes towards the coach it always has and always will.  

Milan currently sit 13th in Serie A and 27 points behind first place Juventus!!  Astonishing to say the least.  I wrote an article earlier this season stating why Max needs to go immediately.  I'm not going to explain myself again, but one of the points I made that should trigger his departure was the treatment of superstar in the making Stephan El Shaarawy.  

There has been many whispers around the club that Il Faraone would be sold prior to the Serie A campaign putting a dent into his already shaken confidence.  This time last season the pharaoh had 14 goals in Serie A and was carrying Milan on his back.  Then when a formation change was made to a 4-3-3 he was forced to track back on defense for the majority of games due to the abomination that is Kevin Constant.  This drained the pharaoh costing Milan a threat up front due to Max's man crush on the Guniean International.  

So before the season started up Stephan seemed to be back on the right track while scoring a huge away goal at PSV.  But when Serie A came around he couldn't crack the starting lineup for some reason.  Then all of a sudden not too long afterwards he suffered a muscular injury causing him to miss up to late October.  But upon returning he magically received a fracture in a bone in one of his feet.  Causing him to miss up to nearly a month.  Upon returning and be cleared by doctors Allegri then rushed Stephan back into action and then pulled him from a CL clash with Ajax due to a Ricardo Montolivo Red Card.  After that game Allegri stated that he pulled him not only because of the card but that his foot wasn't feeling well.  Excuse me!? What was that last part? He wasn't feeling well? Mister Allegri why would you ever rush back a star player like El Shaarawy from injury? This reminds too many Milan fans of Alexandre Pato and his *Injury Problems* which don't seem to be effecting him in Brazil.  Such a coincidence huh? 

So after being injured for the pretty much the entire first half of the season Stephan went to go visit a doctor to get an opinion on his foot.  I was realized upon the doctor just a few days ago that he needed surgery on his foot and he would miss up to 10 weeks at least.  This would delay him up until Mid-March just to be cleared for activity.  By the time he would be cleared for game action and be back on track without any setbacks he might only be ready by early May at best.  Clearly not good enough to make the Azzuri roster and more importantly the World Cup.  

Clearly this is a huge blow for Milan, Italy and El Shaarawy.  It's a good thing Italy has a bunch of options up front but its impossible to find one more talented than the Pharaoh of Milan.  

Who is to blame here? Max Allegri or Stephan? 
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