Has Miz Cena ‘nuff?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - At The Bash, John Cena finally had his chance to shut up The Miz after his incessant verbal assaults over the last few weeks -- and Cena did so with a fury that the self-proclaimed “chick magnet” won’t soon forget.

Ever since being drafted to Raw, The Miz has seemed hell-bent on making a name for himself on Monday nights by destroying that of the former champ. The cocky Superstar even claimed several “victories” against Cena, making up his own fabricated winning streak.

Last Monday on Raw, the attitude adjuster had enough of The Miz’s antics, and declared that they would face each other at The Bash. However, later that night, the abrasive Raw Superstar got the last laugh when he cost Cena his match against Big Show, another one of the former champ’s rivals.

With that loss to The World’s Largest Athlete eating away at him since Monday, Cena entered the ring with a no-nonsense attitude ready to bring the fight to The Miz. Despite finding a way to wear down and control Cena on several occasions throughout the match, the Superstar hailing himself as the “future World Champion” was in dire straits once Cena regained control.

In the end, Cena nailed The Miz with a bone-jarring Attitude Adjustment, but wasn’t satisfied until he locked in the STF for the victory. Has the 12 Rounds Superstar heard the last of the self-proclaimed “chick magnet’s” verbal assaults? Or will this brutal beating only light a fire deeper in the gut of The Miz that will see him torment Cena that much more?

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bmkneisley wrote:
I don't like the miz. He is the stupes person on raw and should leave wrestlen all together

i agree with u. 

10/16/09   |   bmkneisley

I don't like the miz. He is the stupes person on raw and should leave wrestlen all together

10/15/09   |   Skinsfan501   |   1 respect

just because he won that title from my man Kofi Kingston don'tmean he awesome.he suck. Kofi Kingston is awesome.

10/15/09   |   ssmile80


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6/29/09   |   markos_dad