Haven't we seen these Titans before?

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Jul 30, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Munchak during training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY SportsIf you watched last week’s Titan Jet matchup in Tennessee you may have noticed something about the Titans and their style of play. The 2013 Titans seem to be an exact replica of the 2009-2010 New York Jets. Tough offensive line, a physical defense, a run first offense, and a young unproven quarterback. Oh and they even have Shonn Greene, who is currently injured. The exact same football team as the Jets once were.
The last few seasons the Titans were a team without an identity and they struggled badly because of it. This offseason Head Coach Mike Munchak wanted to establish an identity as a tough, gritty football team, and through the first quarter of the season he seems to have accomplished that.

In the offseason they opened the check book and revamped their offensive line highlighted by former Bill Andy Levitre, and First round pick Chance Warmack from Alabama. In addition to the O-Line they signed former Jet running back Shonn Greene to be a punishing third down back, and also brought in tight end Delanie Walker from San Francisco to help run block.

While the injury Jake Locker suffered against the Jets looked to be a crippling blow, it has since been reported that the third year quarterback will only miss three games. But while Jake Locker’s improvement has contributed to their success, and so has a power run game, and a physical defense.

The Jets once upon a time were that type of team, you may remember “ground and pound,” but those days are long gone. Since their loss to Pittsburgh in the 2010 AFC Championship the Jets have become a team without an identity. They deviated from the “ground and pound” philosophy by signing Plaxico Burress and Tim Tebow, and losing key veteran leaders on offense and defense. Questionable acquisitions and hiring’s have led to their demise.

The Jets abandoned their philosophy but now it appears that Titans are more than willing to be the smash mouth “ground and pound” team the Jets once were. Tennessee has already made tremendous strides on offense and defense, compared to a year ago, and plan to be involved in the AFC playoff picture this season. But they are still a ways from being a true championship contender. Let’s hope for their sake they make the necessary moves to put this team over the top, and not suffer the same fate as the New York Jets.
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