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After watching UConn collapse under the intense defensive pressure that Villanova put on them in the 2nd half of yesterday's early game, I decided that I was going to need a "back up plan". As I was looking over the remaining schedule for the day, I realized that New Mexico was a team that I had made the initial "knee jerk" reaction to when first looking over the schedule on Friday night. I also looked at Kansas, but I decided to go with the gut instinct. They say it's always best to go with your initial answer when it comes to multiple choice exams, and that's what I did. Thankfully, it paid off because those kids from Troy St. played parts of their game against an otherwise atrocious N. Texas team like they'd never seen a basketball before.



So, all in all, it was a "break even" day for me, but 6-6 for the week (5-4 with college hoops and 1-2 in the NBA) just isn't going to get it done. That leaves me at 13-11 (9-6 with college hoops and 4-5 in the NBA) after the first half of the month. It's still like pulling teeth so far this year, but after the smoke cleared from all of yesterday's action, there's still plenty of room for optimism. Out of all 54 games on the schedule, the numbers were right on 31 of them. Now, it's just a question of picking the right ones to get on.



COLLEGE HOOPS (31-23 ATS/40-13 SU/26-28 TOTALS yesterday, 69-58/89-35/59-68 for the week and 113-103/149-63/101-115 so far for the month)



BUTTA (2-2 yesterday, 5-4 for the week and 9-6 so far for the month)

Illinois (-170) over NORTHWESTERN - The Illini look like they've got their mojo back, and they're certainly the better team in this matchup. The whole rivalry thing is a big concern though. I'll give extra points to Illinois for the revenge factor after getting thumped by the Wildcats in Champaign a month ago, but I still don't want to lay the (-4). As you'll see later, there's just not enough "wiggle room" between that number and what I've got for a projection for the game.




1. Miami-Fla. 66, CLEMSON (+6 1/2, O120 1/2) 61

2. IOWA (-1, U133 1/2) 63, Minnesota 47

3. MICHIGAN (-22 1/2, U131 1/2) 72, Penn St. 35

4. Illinois (-4, U129 1/2) 62, NORTHWESTERN 55

5. Ohio St. (+4, U119 1/2) 52, WISCONSIN 45

6. Louisville (-14, O118) 67, S. FLORIDA 53

7. CAL (-7, U135 1/2) 72, Usc 57

8. Arizona 57, UTAH (+9 1/2, U127 1/2) 51



Enough said. Have a grand and glorious Sunday. I'll talk to you all again tomorrow.

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