Heat dispute Dwyane Wade’s suspension by NBA

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAfter reviewing the unpleasant incident that occurred in the fourth quarter of Miami Heat’s 105-92 win over the Charlotte Bobcats, the NBA determined that Dwyane Wade’s kick to the groin of Ramon Sessions called for a flagrant foul. Although there was no call by the referee during the game, Dwyane Wade soon faced the repercussions of his actions when the NBA announced its decision to suspended him for a game without pay late Thursday night.
Subsequently, Dwyane Wade will remain suspended through tonight’s road game against the Detroit Pistons. However, the Miami Heat were particularly upset as they didn’t find Dwyane Wade at fault on the play. In fact, Ramon Sessions was called for a foul during the play, when the Charlotte Bobcats guard ran into Dwyane Wade (with 8:12 left in the fourth quarter) and his left leg flailed into the air and went right into Sessions’ lower extremities. Ramon Sessions collapsed to the ground writhing in pain.
After Friday’s shootarounds, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, “We had (Dwyane Wade’s) back.” Later in the day, the Miami Heat released an official statement, which although accepted theNBA’s decision, still disputed the decision for suspension.
"While we accept the decision of the NBA regarding Dwyane Wade, we do not agree with it. In his 10 years in the league, Dwyane has never been suspended,” read the statement, “and has been an exemplary player and positive influence to his teammates and fans and we have been honored to have him as part of the Miami Heat family.”
Earlier on, Erik Spoelstra had noted that opponents played too physically against the Miami Heat. The team yet again raised the same issue in its official statement.
Unfortunately, he (Dwyane Wade) is the type of player, along with other players on our roster, that defenses take privileges with,” continued the statement. “We stand with Dwyane and support him in this situation and have made our feelings known to the league office."
The NBA specified its decision to suspend Dwyane Wade resulted from “flailing his leg and making contact with the groin" Ramon Sessions during Wednesday’s game. However, after getting suspended Thursday, Dwyane Wade attempted to defend his reputation in couple of tweets later that night.
“I'm far from being a dirty player + my intent was never 2 kick Ramon Sessions. I just reacted to the contact that I got from him,” wrote Dwyane Wade.
On Friday, Dwyane Wade said he’d been expecting an action by the NBA given the nature of the play.
"It was a bang-bang play, man," said Dwyane Wade. "It's a play you kind of have to be there. It was something that was looked at over video review and it can be taken any kind of way."
While Ramon Sessions didn’t go all out against Dwyane Wade on Friday, he believed NBA was right in suspending the Miami Heat guard on the play.
"They looked at the film and saw what everybody else saw," said Ramon Sessions. "It was a kick to the groin, there was no secret about it. Things like that happen in the battle of a game."
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