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Looking ahead to this upcoming NFL draft, it will certainly be another exciting, ultra NFL extravaganza, type of event. This year is quite exciting because of the crop of Quarterbacks and offensive skill position players. The quarterback drama will be the highlight of this year’s draft. Circulating around that “drama,” is the notorious Johnny Manziel.

Manziel is quite the firecracker to say the least. He has a riffle arm and tremendous speed. While his critics will undoubtedly focus on his height, the likes of Russell Wilson and Drew Brees will help Maziel’s cause. Above all, lies his true special ability that separates him from many football players and athletes in my time. That special “power” is the ability for his game to mirror his personality. Johnny plays like he is the best. He is a bold risk taker, and a vicious killer when he has the lead.
So why are the scouts not high on Manziel? I’ll tell you why! He does everything he shouldn't do in the position he maintains; yet he is a winner. Not only does he win, but also statistically he is arguably the leader for the Heisman trophy.

I truly believe that if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the first pick in this years draft and were to draft Johnny Manziel they would become a playoff team in his first year starting. Johnny’s personality is infectious, players want to play hard for him, and coaches want to design to innovative plays.
While, all this may be true someday, Manziel is still so highly scrutinized. Sure he has had his maturity questioned. What needs to be questioned is the media overwhelming pursuit of finding every flaw of Manziel. He is 20 years old. I am sure many of those who were once twenty reporting on Manziel have participated in experimenting the “college life.” Therefore, Manziel should be honored with the same break, as any college student

It is amazing how such a once in a life time player has the possibility of not being a first round draft pick. Even though, I personally believe that at least one team in the first round will fall in love with everything about him.  His talents are nothing short of spectacular and he just cant get the love. Nevertheless, one day, people will appreciate his brilliance and winning ways. 
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