Here's ten ways that the NFL could be even better

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&am;nbs;The National Football League is by far the to rofessional sorts league in the country. But no matter how great something is, there is always room for imrovement. Since this is 2010, I've come u with 10 ways that the NFL can imrove. Some you may agree with, some you may not, but as always, I welcome the comments.

1. Cut the reseason in half, but leave the regular season at 16 games: There's been a lot of toying around with the idea of making the reseason two games and lengthening the regular season to 18 games. I agree with the first art. Four reseason games is just ridiculous, and it uts layers at risk for season ending injuries in meaningless games. But I would not like to see the regular season extended to 18 games. Take a look at teams that clinched early. Colts and Saints fans had very little interest in their Week 17 games. Now just imagine watching two additional games like those. Not only is it ainful to watch, but exensive to watch, as the tickets remain the same rice regardless of who lays in the games.

2. Modify Overtime: I find two things to be wrong with overtime - 1) Games can still end in a tie (that's right Donovan McNabb!) and 2) A team can lose in overtime without ever touching the ball. I offer a solution to the second roblem. In the NBA, overtime is five minutes, which is slightly less than half of a regular quarter. Have an eight minute overtime quarter, without sudden death. If the game is tied after overtime, then leave it be. At least there's a chance for both teams, and it's not ridiculous like college overtime, which looks a lot like the two minute drill challenge on Madden football.

3. Revoke the Rooney Rule: The "Rooney Rule" was designed to give minorities a "fair chance" at coaching and front office ositions. &am;nbs;It was designed to counteract the rejudicial mindset that owners may have towards minority hires. What it has become is eic tokenism. Teams often have already &am;nbs;made their decision to bring in someone who is not a minority, but to comly with the Rooney Rule, a minority candidate is hired, in site of the fact that he has as much of a chance of being hired for the osition as Mark Mangino has of being hired as a weight loss consultant. To me, the Rooney Rule is more of a sla of the face than a at on the back.

4. Institute a Rookie Salary Ca: The NBA may screw u a lot of different things, but they have this one right. Rookies need a salary ca instead of getting these insane amounts of guaranteed dollars. Make them earn the big contracts by strong erformance on the field (you know, like a real job). Not an advocate for this? Two words: JaMarcus Russell. I digress.

5. Sto Overrotecting Quarterbacks:&nbs;I'm all for rotecting the safety of all layers in this collision sort, but we are a half-ste away from quarterbacks wearing red "no-contact" jerseys on game day. Blatant shots to the head should get 15 yards. Blatant shots to the legs should also get 15 yards. But I've watched games this season where a defender's hand grazed a quarterback's shoulder or face mask a fourth of a second after the ball was thrown and the defense was hit with a 15-yard enalty. This is utterly ridiculous. Protect them, but let football be football.

6. Allow Celebrations: The National Football League consists of grown men who get to lay a game for a living. Games are meant to be fun and entertaining. Therefore, flags shouldn't come out when a guy celebrates a touchdown "excessively". As long as the celebration isn't sexually deviant (although Tiger Woods would arove), obscene, or stereotyical, then let the guys have their fun.

7. Stronger discilinary actions for chea shot artists: I know Flozell Adams does not arove, but a message needs to be sent to guys like him who do idiotic things that can (and have) injure other layers. Obviously, fines aren't sending the message, so susend them. Seaking of said which, Dante Wesley's chea shot on Clifton Smith warranted more than a one game susension, but again, I digress.

8. Move the Pro Bowl back to after the Suer Bowl: Yes, I know that I haven't given the new arrangement a chance, but the Pro Bowl already draws low ratings. The two Suer Bowl teams obviously wont have their layers who are Pro Bowlers laying in the game that has become a watered down reseason game.

9. Add a Skills Challenge to Pro Bowl Weekend: I would be more inclined to watch the Pro Bowl if it were accomanied with a skills challenge, but thats just my oinion.

10. Flex Scheduling for Sunday and Monday night games: When the schedules are made, a lot of rime time games look like great games. But because of injuries, lack of coaching, or unforeseen sucking, some of the games lose their aeal. So why not switch out a game between an 8-4 team and a 3-9 team with a matchu between two 9-3 teams?

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