Here's the video footage of Chad Johnson getting cut

VIDEO: Check out actual footage of Chad Johnson getting cut by the Dolphins

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Blog Photo - Here's the video footage of Chad Johnson getting cutThe HBO series "Hard Knocks" could not have picked a better team than the Miami Dolphins to profile this preseason, if they were going for trainwrecky, can't-look-away preseason drama for their Week Two episode. The shows' producers actually allowed HBO cameras into the room in which Dolphins coach Joe Philbin delivered Chad Johnson the news that No. 85 was being cut from the team, presumably ending Johnson's NFL career.

This very footage is now available to watch online, allowing you to be a fly on the wall to one of the most difficult but fascinating conversations an NFL coach can have. Ocho, you definitely picked the wrong day to wear a "Young & Reckless" t-shirt to work. 
Blog Photo - Here's the video footage of Chad Johnson getting cutSay what you will about Johnson -- but this cringeworthy and spellbinding video will hit home pretty hard for anyone who's ever been fired or laid off.  The segment shows how even the most wealthy, powerful, or immensely talented people on earth find themselves in horribly difficult conversations -- and how these people stumble through said conversations exactly same way we do.

Coach Philbin nervously scratches his head and drops the hammer in distinctly uncomfortable fashion, mumbling, "It's just-- it's not... it's not just, it's not really just last night. It's just, you know, where we are as a program and where you are, and where we're headed. It just -- I just don't see the mesh right now. And, uhhh, you know, it's I wish it was different. I would could tell you something more encouraging, But, ummm, I just think it's the best for both of us, you know, we kind of part ways at this point in time."

You'll notice there's even a box of Kleenex carefully placed to the left of Johnson's chair.

It may seem macabre to actually watch an internet video of a guy getting fired. Bear in mind, though -- Johnson has been paid more than $40 million over his career, and has never exactly been shy to publicity. He has been paid additional millions for reality television shows. Oh, and he was physically violent with his wife. One could certainly argue we don't see enough consequences for domestically violent stars and entertainers in the post-Chris Brown era.

And if you're still pitying Chad Johnson, realize he was just offered six figures to appear in porn. So it's not like he lacks attractive career options.
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Now that i think about, him and his dream career all start to make sense.