High Hopes for Bulls Lost

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Mar 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng (9) moves the ball around forward Carlos Boozer (5) during the first quarter against the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls lost by 42 points the other night. 42 points. The game was over midway through the second half. To the Sacramento Kings. Oy. And yet, Boozer and Noah still played 29 minutes and Deng played 33. Way to go Thibs. Way to keep your players exhausted and overplayed. 

This has been a bipolar season for the Bulls. There have been a lot of highs but also a fair amount of really low lows. The other night versus the Sacramento Kings being the latest in this season of chaos. My family was fortunate enough to get to the Bulls game December 31 at United Center versus the Charlotte Bobcats. That was also an embarrassing loss to a bad team. It made me wonder what is holding this Bulls team together when there are nights where these Bulls just don't show up.

But clearly still in the playoff hunt, these Bulls are winning more games than losing, so what the heck is going on? Honestly, as a fan I have no idea. Derrick Rose is coming off looking either scared or selfish, I still can't figure out which. Noah is fighting his foot issues, Hinrich has not been right all season, the Bench Mob is gone. I miss my Bulls from last season. There was excitement. There was hope. There was a true belief that the Bulls could go all the way.

This year...the Heat are going to win it all. Rose is likely not coming back. Reggie Rose spoke out of school but I don't think he's wrong. The Bulls did need someone else. Still do. But with Boozer's gazillion dollar contract, and Rose sitting on his 95 million, there's not a lot more to go around. And I'm not sure the big names want to practice like its going out of style like Coach Thibs does.

Got to give credit to Noah, Deng and Boozer for putting it all out there. But this season is officially a wash. It stinks because watching exciting Bulls basketball, and getting excited for Bulls basketball is fun. Watching LeBron James-not so fun. I had high hopes for this season-they have come crashing down. Hard. 
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How can you have high hopes for the season when the front office opted to gut the bench from last year? And when the star player would be missing at least half the season coming off ACL surgery. I don't understand your logic as a fan. You need to be more realistic and see the big picture. Rose is coming back for the postseason, and this team becomes a team nobody (besides the Heat) will want to play. You realize how mediocre the rest of the teams in the East are? With a healthy Rose at full strength, this team can easily beat any team in the east not named the Heat. And I still feel they will give Miami all they can handle in a 7 game series should they meet. 

You mention the negatives, but did you happen to see the beating they put on the Warriors last night? Up by as many as 36. Don't give up on this team just yet. It still could be an exciting postseason.