High school volleyball player suspended for driving friend home
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Once again, adults are sending the wrong message to kids when it comes to drinking and driving

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Blog Photo - High school volleyball player suspended for driving friend homeWe see it all the time. Athletes, celebrities, politicians, and other people who are supposed to be role models have been getting caught drinking and driving for years now.

Every time it happens, people take to the internet and other forms of media to question why someone would throw away their morals and everything they've been taught and put themselves in a situation like that.

We hope that at some point we impress upon our children that it's never a wise choice to get behind the wheel of a car when you've been drinking. Most parents tell their children that they'd rather get a phone call in the middle of the night from their underage drunk child asking for a ride home, rather than receive a phone call from a jail cell, or worse, a hospital.

Yet in Andover, Mass., a girl tried to do the right thing and help her drunk friend get home safely, and is now being punished for it. Despite the fact that she did literally nothing wrong.

Erin Cox is a high school senior at North Andover High School, and was the captain of the volleyball team. Now, she's no longer the team captain, and was suspended for five games, despite not actually doing anything wrong.

From the ESPN report:
"The school punished Cox following an incident two weeks ago in which she received a call from a friend who was too drunk to drive home from a party. When Cox arrived to pick up her friend, police already were there and arrested several people for underage possession of alcohol, and warned several others they'd be summoned to court for drinking.

Cox's mother, Eleanor, told the Boston Herald her daughter was among those summoned despite Boxford police officer Brian Neeley vouching for Erin's sobriety. Eleanor Cox filed a lawsuit hoping to reverse the school's decision, citing a written statement from Neeley, but the court ruled Friday it had no jurisdiction over the matter.

This is absolutely ridiculous. The girl did literally everything she was supposed to do, and was only trying to help her friend avoid a potentially life-threatening situation. Now, she's suspended and lost her leadership position with the team, despite showing more responsibility and better leadership than anyone that team has probably seen at all.

Wendy Murphy is the attorney for the Cox family, and hit the nail on the head in a statement released about the situation:
"By punishing Erin Cox, the North Andover School District sends a contrary and very dangerous message -- that young people are better off letting their friends drive drunk."

That's exactly what they're doing. Technically, teens shouldn't drink. But as anyone who has been to high school knows, it's going to happen on occasion. Their friends should never feel scared to help a friend out in a time of need. It's most certainly better than the alternative, no matter what North Andover High School thinks.
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