Hillary Clinton Now Blamed By PETA For Eight Belles' Death
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PETA Decides To Up The Stupidity Ante Once More, Blames Hillary For Eight Belles' Death

5/5/08 in Horse Racing   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

From the horse racing geniuses at Hugging Harold Reynolds comes this new hilarious angle to the Eight Belles story.

As you probably now know, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton put a bet on Eight Belles before the Derby. That of course has led to a number of jokes about how her political chances are now about the same as Eight Belles - dead.

But fortunately, the wackos at PETA decided they should up the ante.

In a move that is clearly in no way shape or form a way for PETA to whore itself out for national attention, the gasbag animal association is now bashing Clinton for being responsible for Eight Belles' death. Let's have a read of some of their letter to Clinton, shall we?
As a high profile political figure with the esteem of many women, I regret to say that your public support of horseracing—and specifically betting on Eight Belles—makes you culpable in her destruction. I ask you now to publicly condemn races like the Kentucky Derby. Eight Belles ran for her life and was fiercely whipped as she came down that final stretch when she was no doubt in a great deal of pain. We cannot call ourselves a civilized nation if we allow any living being to endure such abuse.
Man, I'm in pain just reading that. And, of course, PETA took a home run swing as well.
Attending the Derby is as despicable as attending a dogfight.
Well yes, except that I don't see Michael Vick shooting race horses in the head or drowning them. And I don't see horses fighting to the death against each other. But other than those totally minor differences, I mean they're absolutely identical.

Keep up the good work PETA, because you know how the old saying goes: "Those who constantly cry wolf are never ignored or made fun of." Or something like that.

[Hillary Clinton's Derby Pick Euthanized, PETA Holds Her Culpable - Hugging Harold Reynolds]
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5/6/08   |   Irishrdhd1   |   119 respect

This is fun!what else can we blame Hillary for?

5/6/08   |   garbanzosusa

(Edited by garbanzosusa)

Another example of a typical Clinton legacy. Everything they touch, talk or think about turns to tragedy!

Can you imagine this bloated bug-eyed witch as our 44Th President!  What's next for Hillary?  A historical earthquake that hits Florida and separates the state from the U.S. after she rushes to the state to manipulate the votes held-up by her own party?

Holy Crap!   doah!

5/5/08   |   HHReynolds

The glaring difference is that Eight Belles was a girl.

The difference between Hill and Belles or Brown and Belles?

5/5/08   |   sales2

Can’t we admit the obvious IRONY and the parallels between Obama (Big Brown) and Hillary (Eight Belles)?

The term "Eight bells" can also be a way of saying that a sailor's watch is over, for instance, in his or her obituary. It's a nautical euphemism for "finished".

1) Hillary will stop at NOTHING to get the nomination, even if it hurts herself and her party....

(A fine filly like Eight Belles will stop at nothing even if she breaks her own legs and dies.)

2) Hillary is madly trying to run with the BOYS in a race she will do ANYTHING it takes to win -- for the power and the glory and to prove she can do it no matter what the injury to herself or others.

(Eight Belles -- fighting an artificial turf and a herd of massive males, tried to win over the huge and powerful Big Brown)

3) Hillary wanted everyone to bet for Eight Belles to win (not to place) and everyone who trusted her lost.

4) The filly was fatally crippled, so they euthanized her.  Will this happen to Hillary's campaign or her potential presidency?  She has the will, but does Hillary have the strength to avoid going down at the finish line as well?

I personally put my money on Big Brown and guess what... I won.

I'm betting on Obama. I don't trust Hillary or her judgment.

(All respect to women running for office -- Feinstein, Thatcher, etc.... this is not about women... it's about Hillary's bedlamite character and lack of strength needed to finish the race and run the free world.)

Quoting Brian, a blogger on ABC:

“The parallels are a little weird and I hate even bringing them up. Big Brown had only had only run three races and people were questioning his experience. Eight Belles was the only filly in the race and comes in second.”

5/5/08   |   hskrdave   |   10869 respect

are there odds on whether she will actually apologize or not?  i mean she is running for president and needs the votes.

5/5/08   |   dallas78

Who could possibly take this organization seriously anymore? Time to go eat some KFC

5/5/08   |   HHReynolds

My dad bet on Belles.  Guess he is culpable too.  Bastard.

5/5/08   |   Chachi_Azzhola   |   2 respect

HilLIARy's mantra-like response, "It can't be my fault:  Everything is George Bush's fault..."