Hockey Day In America: Hockey Memories

What Hockey Means to Us: A Tribute to Hockey Day in America

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Bryan (kramer):
Naturally there's a couple incredible goals from 66, including the coast to coast goal from the 1991 finals against the North Stars, and the following year in the 4th and final game of the Wales Conference Finals in Boston when Mario skated right through Ray Bourque and Adam Oates. However, what still goes down as one of the greatest moments in Penguins history was the comeback in 1992. The Hawks and Pens came in riding 11 and 7-game winning streaks respectively...something had to give! The Hawks pounded the Pens early at the Civic Arena, jumping out to a 3-0 lead. A power play goal by Phil Bourque (oh ye of cracking the Cup in Mario's pool) got the Pens on the board. The Hawks got another goal to make it 4-1, but in the second period the comeback began. After Mario used Eddie Belfour like a pinball machine to make it 4-3 after two periods, the stage was set for Jagr and Lemieux to complete the comeback.

Yes, you'd have to have been there to believe it!

Since the Penguins were the kickoff game today and playing Buffalo, my favorite moment against the Sabres was OT in game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference semifinals up in Buffalo. Of all the players, surely the least likely was defenseman Darius Kasparitis, who scored the game winner.

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Being a California Coast kid it is hard to come up with a cherished hockey memory.  But like many from my generation it began with the 1980 US hockey gold medal.  The USA-USSR game started at 2pm on a Friday but I got home from school and bailed on swim team practice that day to watch the end.   I got caught up in it just like the rest of the country.  Only saw bits and pieces of the 2nd medal round game on Sunday (not technically a "gold medal game" as it was still possible for the US to not even get a medal if they lost that game since the format was different back then) as I was at a swim meet all day Sunday.  But a number of people brought small TV's they plugged into outdoor outlets where they could.  Small groups of kids and parents were crowded around those TV's for the entire game.  Kids leaving only when they had an event to swim and parents leaving only when their kids swam.  And sometimes not even then!
Hockey sort of dropped off my radar after that as there was no local team at any level in my area.  But a couple of years later we got cable and I found the NHL on the USA network.  Was very happy for that.  There was no team in my area but I attached myself to the Capitals because they had sucked so badly recently and also the Canucks as they were the closest team to me (at the time) that wasn't in Los Angeles.  Then ESPN got the NHL and games became easier to see. 
Not sure if this is "cherished" but it is a hockey memory.  When I was at San Jose State one of the guys in the dorm was from Connecticut.  He had played high school hockey.  Our floor had a broomball team and he was our ringer.  He tried to turn everyone in our building into Whaler fans!  He even got permission to paint the Whaler logo in the dorm hallway!
Anyway. a few years later came the Sharks and the rest is history.