Hockey Fight Of The Day: Jarkko Ruutu, Ottawa Senators Vs Francis Bouillon, Montreal Canadiens

Next Time, Let Tom "I Killed Mike Van Ryn" Kostopoulos Fight Him

11/12/08 in NHL   |   Pat   |   5235 respect

Jarkko Ruutu nailed Maxim LaPierre with a viciously awesome but ethically questionable hit early in the 3rd period of Montreal's 4-0 win over the Senators on Tuesday. A brawl ensued, and Ruutu emerged from the fray in a fight with Francis Bouillon, who was intent on sending a message and defending his teammate.

It may not have been the best idea in the world, as Ruutu clearly got the best of Bouillon, who looked visibly upset about his mediocre pugilistic performance. Maybe next time Bouillon should let one of the heavy hitters take care of the dirty work.

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11/12/08   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

looked like a blatent elbow to me, he had him lined up for a BIG leagal hit.......

11/12/08   |   Ryanlaxbull13

The only thing wrong with that hit was that he went after his head. Lapierre was playing the puck, so if Ruutu would have just went after a regular hit it would have been huge and completely legal.