Hooters girl selling alleged RGIII sext photos

Oh look, we have a developing RGIII sext scandal with a Hooters girl

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Blog Photo - Hooters girl selling alleged RGIII sext photosSuddenly, torn knee ligaments seem like the least of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's problems. Multiple web sites have been approached by individuals claiming to have scandalous sext photos of RGIII sent to a current VCU student and former Hooter's server. And for good measure, the sext photos were allegedly sent by Griffin and on Griffin's wedding night.

Now the recipient of these sexts appears to be shopping these photos to the highest bidder. Kinda gives the term "Photoshop" a whole new meaning, huh? Wocka wocka, I'll be here all week, try the veal.

The whole mess started last Sunday when Busted Coverage published emails from the woman who claims to have received sexts from RGIII. Originally, the site published what appears to be a text thread between RGIII and Meredith Barber, the young lady in question. Ms. Barber responded by emailing the site saying, "If you take down the story you have [up] now ill give you everything I have within relation to it. However in return id like to be anonymous for sake of my reputation and family."

This woman does not understand how the Internet works.

Blog Photo - Hooters girl selling alleged RGIII sext photosMs. Barber then attempts to prove she has the goods by sending Busted Coverage the photo at left, with the message, "Just cut his head out. Couple more like that and one with his d*** out. Have other ones with clear picture of his face." All I want to know is why does RGIII have a horse sniffing his belly?

The two parties engage in financial negotiations in exchange for the dirt. Busted Coverage maxes out their offer at "$500, for everything but the d*** pics". Ms. Barber breaks off contact -- with Busted Coverage.

She may now be negotiating with celebrity gossip site TMZ. Griffin's wedding ceremony best man contacted Busted Coverage and provided a screen cap of his texts with Ms. Barber in which she acknowledges contact with TMZ. She claims. "Im balling I told the tmz people it was a joke". But TMZ has contacted her, they have an awfully large checkbook to work with, and right now Ms. Barber's most dignified option may be to sell the photos to verify her side of the story.

In addition to Busted Coverage and TMZ, Deadspin has been approached by someone claiming to have additional scandalous sext material on Griffin. Who knows, maybe it's all a hoax. Or maybe RGIII's ACL is not going to be the most scrutinized part of his anatomy being discussed this offseason.

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Is that the woman in question?