Hope Solo’s husband Jerramy Stevens arrested for violating probation

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Newly wed U.S. Women's Soccer Team goalkeeper Solo’s husband, former Seattle Seahawks Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Jerramy Stevens was arrested in Florida on Wednesday for violating his probation.
Jerramy Stevens was on probation in Florida through October of next year stemming from drug possession charges from October 2010. While Jerramy Stevens was still playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010, he was arrested near a hotel where the team was bunking on felony charge marijuana possession with the intent of distribution as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.
After the recent arrest, Jerramy Stevens still remains in jail under police custody since bail is not an option for parole violation.
Jerramy Stevens was arrested on the night before his wedding with Hope Solo for assaulting his soon-to-be bride. The 33-year-old Jerramy Stevens initially violated his probation in the state of Washington on 13th November for assaulting Hope Solo. The altercation occurred during a party at their residence before the wedding, with several guests present at the scene. The 31-year-old Hope Solo and her then fiancé Jerramy Stevens, who had dated for but two months before deciding on marriage were reportedly fighting over where to hold the wedding ceremony. Hope Solo’s brother Marcus, who was also present at the part called the police after the situation deteriorated and he was forced to use a stun gun on an individual at the party with an aggressive stance. At least one woman was taken to the hospital from the party with injuries due to the fight.
The police officers on scene discovered Jerramy Stevens hiding behind a bed in the bedroom. Although Jerramy Stevens was taken to court and released without charges, the case is still open under the police files.
The former “Dancing with the Stars" contestant Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens carried out their wedding the very next day that Stevens was released from police custody.
However, Jerramy Stevens has a long history of arrests going down the road till 1998.
Jerramy Stevens was arrested in Arizona during 2007 after he was stopped by the police and a breath analyzertest revealed twice the legal limit of blood alcohol content. The same year, Jerramy Stevens was convicted on the DUI charges
Near the end of his rookie season, Jerramy Stevens was also previously arrested for on DUI charges in 2003.
During his junior year at the University of Washington in 2001, Jerramy Stevens was charged with reckless driving after he crashed into a retirement home and showed no accountability by fleeing the scene.
While a sophomore at the University of Washington, Jerramy Stevens was arrested in an investigation over a sexual assault incident but was released without being charged.
During 1998, while a senior a senior at River Ridge High School in Lacey, Washington, Jerramy Stevens was initially charged with felony assault that was later reduced to a misdemeanor.
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