Hornets agree to trade Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers

Report: Chris Paul headed to the Clippers pending league approval

12/12/11 in NBA   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

UPDATE: In case you missed it, the NBA nixed this trade.

Chris Paul is apparently headed to Los Angeles... again. But this time it is to the city's bridesmaid--the Clippers. A ESPN report says that the Hornets and Clippers have agreed to a deal that would land Paul in Los Angeles, guard Eric Gordon, center Chris Kaman, forward Al-Farouq Aminu and an unprotected first round pick that Los Angeles had previously acquired from Minnesota would all go back to New Orleans.

However, this deal could be same song, second verse. The NBA, which currently owns the Hornets and last week rejected a deal that would send Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, has apparently made it clear that it will not approve the trade to the Clippers unless Eric Bledsoe is added to the deal. It is unclear now whether that wish will be granted.

After trade talks with the Lakers fell apart after the NBA veto and it became clear that a deal to New York wasn't going to be possible, Paul apparently made it clear that the Clippers were next on his wish list. 

It seemed as if the main reason the originally Paul deal was shot down was because smaller-market owners didn't want big-market teams like the Lakers hogging all of the league's stars. Well, the Clippers play in the same media market, but aren't considered as high-profile of a team as their roommates, the Lakers. Then again, a team lead by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin would likely create a threat to the upper echelon of the West. 

In my opinion, the deal New Orleans would have received for Paul from Los Angeles and Houston was a better set of players than this deal--which means that the controversy surrounding David Stern's original veto may blowup even more if the deal with the Clippers is allowed to go through. Do you agree?
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12/12/11   |   abac89   |   800 respect

This one has fallen through as well. If Stern has anything to do with it Chris Paul might just be staying in NO this season.

12/12/11   |   Murphy24   |   278 respect

I think this deal is actually better for New Orleans than the one from the Lakers. True, Kevin Martin and Lamar Odom are better players now than Bledsoe, Aminu, or Kaman. But given how awful Minnesota is every year, the draft pick N.O. gets here is almost guaranteed to be a top-3 pick, and maybe even higher, in a stacked draft. Kaman's expiring contract also makes the team a lot more appealing financially, which is important as the league tries to sell the team.