'Horry Cow' T-Shirts Continue to Sell Outside Wrigley Field

Far Too Often, I'm Embarrassed To Be A Cubs Fan

5/16/08 in MLB   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Four weeks ago we learned of licensed Cubs vendors outside Wrigley Field selling racially insensitive shirts that read 'Horry Cow' with a slanted eyes cubbie bear on the front. Just the night before that report, I was at the park saw a women walk by in the shirt, except I thought it said 'Whorry Cow,' found it quite fitting for the subject matter and had a good laugh.

Turns out, it's not very funny.

The Cubs immediately asked that all vendors outside the ballpark stop selling the shirts and as added incentive, Kosuke Fukudome, whom the shirts are clearly acknowledging, publicly stated that he was offended.

A player on your team says he's offended, so what do you do? Apparently you keep selling the shirts.

I understand economics and unfortunately, there's a larger population of terribly immature and insensitive Cubs fans than I thought. The 'Horry Cow' shirts were the best selling product for most vendors at the time of the Cubs orders and people continue to hawk them around the stadium ... just further away. I live a good six blocks away and on my way to the game Tuesday ran into 3-4 vendors hawking the shirts several blocks away. Vendors need money, I understand. But why the hell is Cubdom eating them up.

Worse yet, people wear these to the game proudly. If Marty Brennaman wants to rant about obnoxious, I'll allow it here.

Wearing the Japanese headbands that many fans in right field and around the ballpark is an acceptable homage to the new right fielder. A little odd, but at least it's meant in tribute. Openly ripping on a player's background and culture is quite another ... particularly when it's the home team.

I'm afraid a great deal of Cubs fans are too stupid to realize this.

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5/17/08   |   YankeeDudeL   |   15 respect

I think it's a good way to branch out Cubdom to where I live.  I live in the Independant Republic of Horry (yanno, cause Horry County would have been to obvious).

5/17/08   |   CalBoomer   |   43 respect

What they should do with all those T-shirts is send them to San Antonio. "Horry Cow" would be perfect for Bull-Shit (did they say Big Shot?) Bob.

5/16/08   |   isucubs   |   27 respect

I agree that it is wrong.   To me, the biggest thing was Fukudome coming out and saying he was offended..   If he liked it, I would tell the rest of the PC crowd where they could go.   It is meant for him, it is meant as a welcome..  it did not work out..  time to get a new idea.