Hot Tubs And Women In Bikinis Will Always Help Attendance

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If I asked you which one of these teams in the Denver area draws the most people - Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Mammoth - you'd probably say, what the hell are the Colorado Mammoth?

They're Colorado's professional lacrosse team, and like the Avs and the Nuggets, they play in the Pepsi Center in Denver. And they outdraw both the two other teams in attendance.

Yes, you read that right. A pro lacrosse team you've never heard of outdraws two major pro sports franchises. The Mammoth has led the National Lacrosse League in attendance for the past three seasons and has regularly lured 16,000 to 17,000 people a game. The club that's second this year, the Buffalo Bandits, isn't even close to the Mammoth, with an average crowd of 14,205.

So how in God's name is it possible that a pro lacrosse team is outdrawing the Nuggets and Avs?

Well, filling the arena is a lot easier when you have only eight home games a year and your priciest tickets cost less than $40, but still, this is lacrosse.

Luckily the Rockey Mountain News lets us know how the Mammoth do it, although they do their best to bury it. In the 21st paragraph of this story, we find out the trick is this:
The league has sought to make its dancers, music, marketing and logos "edgy" in a bid to connect with the 12- to 19-year-old demographic. The Mammoth have resorted to those tactics, too, making a range of eye-catching moves, including seating some fans in hot tubs beside women in bikinis.
Yes, that'll certainly help. Hot tubs and women in bikinis have a way of doing that.

To top it all off, the team is extremely profitable in a league that for the part is hemorrhaging cash.

So there you go Avalanche and Nuggets. The way to solve your money woes is hot tubs and women in bikinis. But truth be told, don't those two things solve all problems?
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2/2/14   |   sslqc

As the old marketing saying: "Sex sells . . " - Green Water Technologies

3/25/08   |   Gonzo In Roch

In case you are confused.

I am refering to the last statement of your third post.



If anyone else would like more info on Box Lacrosse and the NLL, check out or


May the Lacrosse Gods bless you.


"It Was Lacrosse Then Did Engage, Shillelagh Law Was All The Rage,
Twas Chin To Chin and Man To Man, And Row and Eruption Soon Began" - Unknown

3/24/08   |   Gonzo In Roch

I was referring to the ball/puck.  Your propensity for literalism has surely driven out any potential relationships you've attempted to develop.  Cool the semantics and get a date. 

Read the article.  Hot tubs? Girls in bikinis? Was that on the reservation too?  You're a mega-tool.

and that was not your original point.

3/24/08   |   Gonzo In Roch

Wow. You are real grown up!

I love how people resort to name calling when they have no idea how to debate.

Call me when you know how to have a disscussion.

3/24/08   |   Gonzo In Roch

Yeah, silly me, indoor lacrosse has deep roots in sports lore.  Glad my post brought you out of whatever hole you were in.

The MLL almost went bankrupt and draws few fans anywhere outside of Denver.  That was my main point.  Anything new, no matter how ridiculous, puts asses in seats in Denver.

I prefer my hockey on the ground.

There ya go again.
It's called 'Box' lacrosse. Not indoor.
Box lacrosse has been played on the reservations for decades. It hearkens back to when the Native Americans played on a field miles long. As the players were taken from the field  injured, the spectators would start to close in the area of play. As the game went on the field would become smaller and smaller until it was not much bigger that today's box floors.
 And yes. I will always come out of my hole to defend 'The Creators Game', 'Baggataway' or 'Little Brother of War'.

And hockey on the ground? Last I watched, it was played on ice.

Most Sincerely,
Gonzo In Roch


3/24/08   |   Gonzo In Roch

Denver fans are idiots.  They flip out over the worst, most gimmicky sports.  The Daredevils Roller Hockey team had record attendance too.
(Edited by Gonzo In Roch)

Ooops! Your ignorance is showing!


That 'gimmicky' sport has been around for hundreds of years.

Do a little research.


Better yet, check out an NLL game nearest you. You will not be disappointed.

The passion of it's players and fans surpasses ANY sport I have been involved with hands down. That includes baseball, football, soccer, AND hockey.


Most Sincerely,

Gonzo In Roch