Houston Rockets Resign Daryl Morey

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Blog Photo - Houston Rockets Resign Daryl Morey
The Houston Rockets have agreed to resign MIT stats guru and current GM – Daryl Morey – to a four-year contract extension, since his current contract will end next year.  Labeled “Dork Elvis” by Bill Simmons, Morey symbolizes a new breed of GM’s that never played basketball at the professional level, but are paving the way for integrating the kind of stats that are only kept in baseball into the game of basketball.
Houston Rockets owner, Leslie Alexander said, “We’ll re-up him.  Daryl knows that I judge him all the time. I’ve told him. He’s not shy about it either. He just knows that’s the way I operate. Why wouldn’t I? The general manager is the one person in your organization you can really judge. He can make good moves or bad moves. This year, I think he’s made three terrific moves."
After signing 6th man James Harden to a max contract, signing Jeremy Lin to a contract that will pay him $15 million in his 3rd year alone, and signing back-up Bulls center Omer Asik to a three-year contract, there was a lot of speculation as to how Morey was spending the Rockets money.
In hindsight, Morey knew exactly what he was doing.  The Rockets are now in the playoffs and have a terrific foundation for the future moving forward.  Furthermore, Morey recently ransacked the Sacramento Kings for their lottery pick – Thomas Robinson – for players that weren’t producing at all on his own team.
If there is one thing that Morey has taught the Rockets, it’s that you have to know where to properly invest your money.  And the Rockets have wisely decided to invest in money.
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