Houston Rockets express solid interest in Jeremy Lin

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Houston Rockets couldn’t have guessed that the once unknown guard Jeremy Lin, whom they waived in December, would become an international phenomenon with the New York Knicks. A regretful tweet by Houston Rockets executives couldn’t have bought back the point guard, hence the franchise in question along with the Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets are actively pursuing Jeremy Lin.
The New York Knicks general manger Glen Grunwald and coach Mike Woodson haven’t faltered for their claim in trying to keep the restricted agent with the team. Even though Jeremy Lin’s season was cut short due to surgery for his ACL injury, still the 23-year-old averaged 14.6 points and 6.2 assists during 35 games, where he remained the starting point guard in 25 games.
Thus, the New York Knicks have legitimate interest in Jeremy Lin, who has become an instant fan favorite. The New York Knicks expressed they would present a contract to the player after assessing his market value. The Toronto Raptors aren’t backing off either and may present an offer to Jeremy Lin as well.
However, it is the Houston Rockets, who seem to have taken the first step forward towards signing Jeremy Lin. Reportedly, the Houston Rockets flashed Jeremy Lin with a contract in estimated at $30 million. The New York Post claims the Houston Rockets’ contract is structured to offer Jeremy Lin an estimated $5 million while his annual paycheck may suddenly soar to the extent of $10 million in the third and fourth year of the contract.
“Jeremy Lin's an excellent player,'' said the Houston Rockets general manager Darryl Morey. “We got to know him firsthand when he was with the Rockets early this season. We think he'd make a fantastic addition to our team.''
It is no secret that the Houston rockets are at an unfavorable position with point guards. The Houston Rockets starting point guard Kyle Lowry has publically declared his dissatisfaction by placing a request for trade for the franchise. Not only does Jeremy Lin appear as a highly coveted player at that position to pull the Houston Texans out of that tight spot, he will prove to be a profitable asset who will bring financial payoffs owing to his marketability.
Essentially, by suddenly raising the annual salary in the final years if the contract, the Houston Rockets are trying to challenge the New York Knicks’ future pitch for Jeremy Lin. The New York Knicks will be deep under a $72 salary cap since their other four players’ annual salaries will stack by that time if they acquire Jeremy Lin.  When you add that to a complete roster, the New York Knicks will easily hit $90 million or above in the salary cap which is a mighty inconvenience.
Still Jeremy Lin has garnered a lot of interest from various teams, and the guard will have until July 11 to come to a decision. Until then, Jeremy Lin can simply let the offers play out to judge the better fit for himself, or see how seriously do the New York Knicks require him.
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