Houston Texans reach the playoffs for the first time in franchise history

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The Houston Texans managed to record a 31-10 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals to reach the playoffs for the first time in the franchise’s history. The Texans looked like a team that had the potential of entering the Championship race for the first time in a decade. For all these reasons, head coach Gary Kubiak was a very very happy man.

In his post game news conference, Kubiak told reporters that he had been working with the Texans for some time now, therefore he knew all about the squad’s strengths and weaknesses. He further stated that because of this he knew that he possessed a squad that had the potential of reaching the Super Bowl and competing for the title.

The Texans looked like a team that was confident about winning against the Bengals, even though their opponents had acquired an early lead in the match. Kubiak stated that whether it were the Bengals or the Baltimore Ravens, his men had the capability of fighting against top notch teams in the league.

“I’m trying to enjoy this one right now,” Kubiak said. “We know what we’re facing going down there.  They have been an excellent football team all year long. You have to go play at their place; I think they are 8-0 at their place this year in the regular season. So, we understand, we went there earlier in the season and we’ll have to play as good as we can possibly play. But we took a step in the right direction.  We’ll go to work have a good week, and we expect to play well.”

Kubiak also rebuked the idea of concentrating too much on the playoff game against the Bengals. Some analysts suggest that the three losses at the end of Bengals season were because of excessive focus on the playoffs.

“I don’t think we lost our focus, I think we had gotten away with some stuff,” Kubiak commented on the issue. “I thought we got away with not play real, real good in Jacksonville.  I know we went through a horrible situation, but we really didn’t play that good and we survived that game.  Then we played very good against Atlanta.  And in Cincinnati, we did not play good as a team.  But when you win like that, it’s hard to get guys to tell them what they did wrong when you win a game like that.  But over the course of the next few weeks, I didn’t have to tell them anymore, they saw what would happen if we started playing like that.  It was a difficult stretch, but I think it really helped us prepare to win, especially today.”

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