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Now a lot has been made in this blog space (and everywhere else sports) about Rex Grossman's shortcomings and his comments after the horrendous Green Bay finale. Well hear this, people who forget that the media often needs a story and so takes words and runs with them (and this is especially true with two weeks between games):

Rex--and others--believe his comments were incorrectly characterized. We've heard that plenty of times before, right? But then again, it is often true.

As I have said before, let's not get too high or too low with Rex. He is still young, relatively inexperienced, and has room to grow. He also has talent. You don't "luck into" as many great games as he has had this year--um, the player of the month in October has no ability to read defenses? I don't buy it. I'm not anointing him a savior or HOFer, but I am asking for the jury to keep discussing this, as opposed to already convicting the guy as a talentless failure.

Back to the main point. His post game comments yielded overreaction from the media, and their interpretations led fans to believe things beyond the truth.

Read on for Chicago Trib Report John Mullin's take on Rex Grossman's comments. He should know. He was there.

"Quarterback Rex Grossman said he regrets comments he made after the Green Bay loss in Game 16—not so much what he said as much as how and where he said it.

Grossman acknowledged after that game that he was not as prepared as he perhaps should have been because he knew the game did not have any meaning to the Bears' post season and that he would not play much more than a half.

A number of other players as well as coaches said much the same about themselves but it was Grossman who was blasted. He has been one of the more forthcoming Chicago athletes, but that now may change.

Grossman believes the preparation comments were taken out of context, which more than a few observers also believed because Grossman was depicted inaccurately as not caring about the game.

'That was something where I maybe sit down with one person and explain it rather than getting up and talking about it in vague terms,' Grossman said. 'I think it was taken out of context a little bit. If it was a one-on-one interview, I could explain it in more detail instead of taking clips of it and making it bigger than it is. [That week] we did have a great week of practice.

'But I definitely regret and won't talk to [the media] as openly anymore.'"

I'm hoping Rex comes out on top in the end, despite what his detractors expect. Hey, his alma mater didn't listen to the doubters who told them they didn't belong in the BCS championship game and that turned out pretty well.

Source: (Chicago Tribune)
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