How bad is the Bears offense?

The Bears offense is an embarrassment

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Chicago Bears offense is offensive to its fans. When the Bears offense puts up 438 yards in a game, you'd like to believe they won that game. I still can't fathom what I witnessed Sunday against the Vikings.

This offense really lives by Murphy's law. Every time it appears they are driving towards a touchdown, one of the following things will occur to prevent it: A false start penalty, a holding penalty, a dropped pass by an open receiver, a fumble, a sack, or an interception. IT NEVER F***IN FAILS--AND I'M SICK TO MY STOMACH WATCHING IT!!!!!

It's no secret the offensive line is beyond embarrassing; I wonder if anyone on the line would actually start for another team in the league. I'm blown away when Cutler has more than 3 seconds to throw the football. Normally the pocket starts collapsing right after the snap--and he knows it's coming. Now I know the line has been affected by injuries, but it was never good to begin with.

It's rather amazing how quickly Jay Cutler can put the team behind the proverbial 8 ball. After an awful defensive performance on the Vikings opening drive; where Adrian Peterson ran at will on the Urlacherless D, Jay Cutler decided that a 7-0 deficit wasn't enough. He promptly though an interception, which gave the Vikings a short field, that resulted in another TD for Peterson. The Bears D had actually allowed 4 touchdowns on consecutive drives dating back to last week's implosion against the Seahawks.

From that point forward the Bears D adjusted and essentially allowed the Vikings to do nothing the rest of the game. Cutler actually completed a pass in which the ball crossed over the goal line in a receivers hands--I think they call it a touchdown. I was stunned. The Bears trailed 14-7 at the half.

Then for the majority of the 3rd quarter there was a stalemate between both teams. The Bears actually appeared to be driving to start the quarter, but as usual had to punt. And then it happened. I guess Cutler figured the 14-7 deficit wasn't enough, so he air mailed a pass to Brandon Marshall that got picked off and returned for a touchdown.

I have been known to call certain players 'a cancer'. Prime example being Knicks forward and so-called superstar Carmelo Anthony. On Sunday I finally have succumb to the fact that Jay Cutler is a cancer. He just never does anything to change a game for the better when your team is down. The inconsistency in his game leaves you numb as a fan. I never wanted him when the trade occurred. I then tried my best to warm to him, but now I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS GUY--AND WANT HIM OFF MY TEAM!!!!!

Does his line help him? No. Do his receivers help him? Alshon Jeffrey dropped a touchdown and TE Kellen Davis drops more passes than any TE in the history of the game. However, when throws are there to be made, he has a propensity for overthrowing the football and it usually lands right into the hands of a defender. It just makes you sick. And then he leaves the game with a neck injury.

Cutler is telling people he will play this week against the Packers. If you remember his great effort in week 2, where he threw 4 interceptions in Green Bay. It's time for this guy to win a football game. If not, I may have to hand in my fan card until he's off the team. This offense as a whole is killing me, and I don't know how much more of it I can take.

And I thought Lovie Smith got off the bus running the football? 53 passes to 18 runs. The Bears never trailed by 3 scores--did they need to abandon the run as much as they did? Mike Tice seldom runs the ball on back-to-back plays. Lovie told former offensive coordinator Mike Martz to run the ball more, and they did. I think it's time for Lovie to have that same conversation with Tice. The Bears only averaged 6.6 yards per carry against the Vikings.

I'm starting to think missing the playoffs may be better for this franchise. It may be time to blow things up and start over.
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