How to extend the four-hour grace period to watch March Madness online

How to cheat the four-hour grace period for streaming March Madness games online

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Blog Photo - How to extend the four-hour grace period to watch March Madness onlineThere are new restrictions this year on your ability to watch March Madness online. The NCAA March Madness Live site is once again streaming all the games -- but you can only get the games broadcast on CBS, unless you have a cable TV subscription to log in with. Last year's nice and affordable $3.99 fee for all games is gone -- you either prove you have cable, or your online tournament viewing is restricted to just the games carried by CBS. The only action you can see of the games on TNT, TBS, and truTV is a four-hour grace period, after which you can't access those games anymore.

Oh, there are ways to extend this four-hour grace period. Actually, what you want to do is game the system to create yourself multiple four-hour grace periods.

Now if you have your buddy or your mom's cable password with which to log in, you're golden and you can just watch away on NCAA March Madness Live. And yes, there are a number of illegal streaming sites that are easy to access to watch games. But those sites are guaranteed loaded with malware, viruses, and bazillions of pop-up ads, and they're several steps ahead of the antivirus software designed to tame their awfulness. I wouldn't touch those sites unless I was running on a seriously ironclad Linux configuration.

So why not just stream the legal way -- and then cheat? Here are a few excellent strategies to extend your four-hour grace period of free NCAA Tournament viewing, by just initiating new grace periods over and over:

Blog Photo - How to extend the four-hour grace period to watch March Madness onlineWatch on Your Work Computer and Your Home Computer --   Your computer at work and your computer at home will get two separate four-hour grace periods. They're not connected, and you haven't logged in to anything to identify who you are. For that matter, every computer you can get to will supply a fresh, new fours hours of grace period watching -- provided that no one has watched any tournament games on that computer before you.

Watch on your smartphone -- This requires downloading the NCAA March Madness app for iOS or March Madness for Android. Your four hours of viewing on the computer does not affect your ability to start the clock over on your smartphone. Once again, your devices are not connected. Your phone has no idea whether you've used up the four-hour grace period on a computer, and will deliver a fresh four hours with the clock starting at zero. Make sure you hook that sucker up to WiFi, though, because data rates will apply.

Watch on your tablet -- Here's where it gets tricky. I've got an Android phone and an iPad, and those things refuse to communicate because Apple and Android hate one another so. So if your phone is Android and your tablet is Apple, or vice versa, then BAM that's another bonus four hours.

But if you have an iPhone and an iPad, or an Android Phone and Android tablet, the trick will not work. Google Play and iTunes recognize the Device IDs, and they track your behavior across devices. Your March Madness app download is connected to your Google or Apple ID, and the tablet knows when the phone has hit the end of the grace period. Sometimes it's nice for your phone and tablet to recognize one another -- but when it comes to cheating on trial periods, this connectedness does not work to your advantage.

I've tested the above methods, and they all work. Even so, that's only going to create about twelve to sixteen hours of bonus viewing for you. Online viewing is restricted all the way up until the Elite Eight round -- at which point all games are on CBS and online fore free. But that's not until March 30! So, techies and wise-asses... what other strategies you got? Feel free to share them (or post your mom's cable password!) in the comments section below.
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