How to not forget to update your fantasy football roster
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Effective tonight, Thursday Night Football begins ruining your fantasy football roster

9/13/12 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

Blog Photo - How to not forget to update your fantasy football rosterThursday Night Football starts exceptionally early this year -- tonight at 8:20 p.m. EDT for Week 2, and then continuing nearly every Thursday night for the rest of the season. Those stupid and pointless Thursday night games, clamored for by the NFL Network to accommodate the complete lack of fan demand for them, have an awful way of ruining one's fantasy football roster. You now need to update your fantasy roster no later than Thursday night -- though most games do not happen until Sunday.

It goes without saying that this sucks for any fantasy football owners who actually work real jobs on weekdays. It also sucks for the 15 million American with Time Warner Cable, as they do not get the NFL Network on which these games are broadcast. And what about injuries occurring to players on your roster on Fridays or Saturdays? You are simply up a creek without a paddle, compliments of Commissioner Goodell. 

Listen, there is no shame in admitting that you are sometimes "that guy" who forgot to update his/her fantasy roster prior to the kickoff of the weekend's first NFL game. People have lives, careers, and families. The next time someone taunts you for forgetting to update your roster, look them in the eye and ask them when's the last time they got laid. Boom, you just won that argument.

Oh, I remember the days of doing my roster on Sunday mornings before I hit the bar. That was awesome, and made perfect human sense. Now you have to do it on Thursday, or run the risk of losing by 50 week in and week out.

So how to avoid being "that guy" who forgets to update his or her roster? Let's consider a few ways make sure you don't miss roster lockdown on a regular basis.
  • Blog Photo - How to not forget to update your fantasy football rosterMake it your Thursday lunch ritual - Even on the West Coast, Thursday lunch break is still five-ish hours before the roster lockdown. Eat lunch at your desk, figure out who has a bye this week and who's injured, and do all the coach-y things you so enjoy doing while getting food on your keyboard.
  • Set a reminder in Outlook or your workplace scheduling system - Did you know that fantasy football  costs U.S. workplaces $6.5 billion in lost productivity? Let's add a little more to that total. You can even set your roster time in Outlook as a meeting, therefore your colleagues will consider you "unavailable" during this time.
  • Set a reminder on your smartphone - Here's how to set a reminder on an iPhone. Here's how to set a reminder on an Android phone. You can also get apps like NotifyMe, BugMe!, and 2Do that will send you reminders on your smartphone to help ensure your roster has been updated prior to the lockdown.
  • Set a reminder in your Gmail - Do you use Gmail? If so, log in and click on Calendar at the top of your screen, and set an event reminder within GMail. You can have the GMail system send you an email, a text, or simply pop up on your screen.
If it makes you feel any better, Thursday Night Football continues only until Week  15 (Thursday, December 13).. This is, of course, no consolation if you missed the playoffs because you forgot to update your roster so many times.
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9/14/12   |   Scott   |   54123 respect

I'm not worrying about updating my roster.  It's the possible injury to Matt Forte that could really ruin my fantasy football roster for the rest of this season.

9/13/12   |   Dan_B   |   1067 respect

Thanks for the reminder, Joe. I just went and updated all of my rosters....