How to stream MLB playoffs to your smartphone or tablet legally

MLB lets you legally stream playoff games on your phone -- but it costs nine bucks

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Blog Photo - How to stream MLB playoffs to your smartphone or tablet legallyYou don't need me to tell you how to stream a live baseball game on your computer if you don't have cable TV. But for this weekend's Wild Card and Division Series games, what if you'd rather watch on an iPad, smartphone, or tablet device? Dude there are tons of good parties and events happening this weekend, can your lifestyle really afford to be in front of the computer all the way through Sunday night?

Tablets and smartphones suck for watching pirated games. As you may already know, the mobile operating system does not jive well with your favorite questionable-legality sports streaming sites. iPads don't like to run the Flash-based video players typically found on those seedy streaming sites, and Android devices will catch all manner of malware and sketchy trojan viruses.

Major League Baseball is offering a pretty affordable product called for watching the playoff games online or on a mobile device. The cost is $4.99 for computer-based access for just the playoffs. That's not free, but it is free of malware and viruses. To watch on a smartphone or tablet, you would additionally need the $3.99 MLB At Bat mobile app for Android or iOS. If you already have that app, you get the whole playoff package as a free benefit.

Basically, that's nine dollars for guaranteed clean, easy, and legal MLB game streams for the next few weeks. If nine bucks sounds like a lot, consider how much time you will spend searching for decent streams during the Wild Card, Division, and Championship Series, or trying to refresh the one good stream you had going there for a couple minutes.

Blog Photo - How to stream MLB playoffs to your smartphone or tablet legallyYes, there is a catch. It's MLB, people, there are several catches. You only get live games -- no game replays afterwards. You don't get the World Series or NLDS, because FOX Sports pays a half a billion dollars annually for exclusive broadcast rights to those babies, mobile viewers be damned.

The interface, however, is a ton of fun. You can do a multi-screen mode with up to four screens, and your choice of ten different camera angles to place in those four screen zones (see left). You don't get instant replays or the onscreen scoreboard graphic. But you do get the TV announcers' audio feed, which is either a feature or a bug depending on which broadcast team is calling the game.

But if you're at a party this weekend and streaming a live MLB playoff game on your smartphone, you will be a pretty popular individual who just got his or her nine bucks worth. Just remember that data rates may apply.
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Yes, I can see the Yankees play -- that's good. But listening to the announcers talk about the controversial plays and  replays and not be able to see them is INCREDIBLY irritating, as is the "commercial break" quiet time that blasts you awake when it's done at the end of every half inning. And the choice of camera angles? Pretty lame -- it's the camera feed to the control room, so most of them are zooming in and out off of players' shoes and other non-interesting views.