How to watch more March Madness online with no cable subscription

How to game the system and watch more March Madness online without a cable subscription

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Blog Photo - How to watch more March Madness online with no cable subscriptionMarch Madness is already streaming online. If you go to NCAA March Madness Live, you can stream any of the games -- but only if you have an active and valid cable TV subscription to log in with. If you don't have a cable TV subscription, the only game you can watch online is the game that's being broadcast on CBS. This is bad news if you want to watch Michigan State, Florida, Wisconsin or any of the games being broadcast on TBS, TNT and TRUtv.

But there's a nice exception you can exploit. The NCAA allows a four-hour "grace period" during which you can watch TBS, TNT and TRUtv games online without verifying a cable subscription. And then there are a couple more loopholes you can exploit on top of that. By cleverly switching between certain connected devices, you can double-dip or triple-dip your four-hour grace period to watch more games.

None of these methods are illegal, and none of them will load your computer with malware or viruses like those seedy pirate streaming sites. These methods are just a matter of figuring out which of your devices "talk to each other" and transmit how much grace period you use.

Blog Photo - How to watch more March Madness online with no cable subscriptionWatch on Your Work Computer and Your Home Computer - Your work computer and your home computer are both connected devices, but they're not connected to each other. Your work computer and home computer are both operating from different IP addresses, and will not connect the dots to figure out that the same person is watching from two different IP addresses. That's two separate four-hour grace periods. Even more if your workplace has a nice, remote document room or stock room with a computer in it.

Watch on your smartphone - Your smartphone is not connected to your home or work computer, so it will deliver you another bonus four-hour grace period. You'll need the NCAA March Madness Live for iOS app for iPhone, the NCAA March Madness Live for Android app for Android devices, and the NCAA March Madness Live for Windows Phone app for a Windows Phone. Do make a point of connecting to a WiFi network, because that four hours of viewing can be hell on your data plan.

Watch on your tablet - This trick only works if your tablet and smartphone are different brands. That is, if you have an iPhone and an Android tablet, or an Andriod phone and an iPad, or an iPhone and a Kindle, and so on. See, an iPad and an iPhone are both made by Apple, and will recognize your Apple ID so you can only get four hours of grace period between the two devices. Same goes for an Android phone and an Android tablet. Your Android devices "talk to each other", as do your iOS devices. But if the devices are different brands, they will not "talk to each other". They will not keep track of how much March Madness grace period you've used on other devices. Kindle users really luck out on this loophole, and will need to download the NCAA March Madness Live for Kindle app.

Know of any other cool ways to game the system and watch more March Madness? Air it out in the comments section below and let us know.
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