How to watch the NBA All-Stra Game online for free

The NBA All-Star Game will be online for free, as will many other less-interesting All-Star Weekend events

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Blog Photo - How to watch the NBA All-Stra Game online for freeThe 2013 NBA All-Star game, the Black Super Bowl, the annual razzle-dazzle game featuring no defense and a combined 300 points will be played this weekend in Houston. You might not have passes to the Snoop Dogg or Roc-A-Fella Records parties, but you can get excellent front-row seats to the game for free. The front row is in your living room or bedroom, though, because your free seats come courtesy of a TNT livestream of the weekend’s All-Star proceedings – with no cable verification required.

Sure, you could watch the game on some malware-infested sports streaming site that makes pop-up boxes appear in your sleep. That’s totally unnecessary when the game is being streamed for free in HD from the official source. No cable subscription required, no struggling to find a dirty stream embedded with Trojan spyware, no out-of-the-blue audio blaring “Congratulations! You just won!”

TNT is lets you watch the NBA All-Star Game live and free of charge with their online service called NBA TNT Overtime.  They’re livestreaming the All-Star Game Sunday night, plus the Three-point Contest and Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday. It’s not the exact same broadcast that TV viewers get, but in some ways it’s actually better.

Blog Photo - How to watch the NBA All-Stra Game online for freeThe free livestream schedule for NBA All-Star Weekend is as follows:

Friday Night  7 p.m. ET
Rising Stars Challenge

Saturday Night  8 p.m. ET
Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest, Skills Challenge, Shooting Stars

Sunday Night 8 p.m. ET
2013 NBA All-Star Game

The NBA TNT Overtime livestream is a little different from the TV broadcast. You get a choice of four camera angles, or you can go full-screen on just one. You don't get instant replays, but you can "rewind" using DVR-style controls. You also don't get the game clock, score, or the onscreen graphics, but you do get the gamecalls of Marv Albert for the All-Star Game, and Charles Barkley and Shaq for the Dunk Contest.

There are no legal streams to watch the All-Star Game on a smartphone or tablet. Sprint customers usually get some pretty sweet NBA games on their phones for free – even playoff games, because Sprint is the official NBA cellular service sponsor.  But a litany of licensing contracts and agreements dictates that the only game Sprint NBA Game Time will carry is the Friday night's NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, which will not be carried on TNT.
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Well, as fanatic of my favorite Chicago Bulls, I always keep myself up to date on every games they have, even added the NBA app on my iPad. Very well satisfied, I just hope that they also work on creating live game app.

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go time ... last 12 min...