Howard To Brooklyn Beginning To Look Unlikely

Howard To Brooklyn Falling Apart Fast

7/10/12 in NBA   |   Matthew_Shovlin   |   735 respect

Blog Photo - Howard To Brooklyn Beginning To Look UnlikelyAfter picking up a ton of steam yesterday and seeming imminent, a deal outlined to send Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets seems to be falling apart. mentions that the Cleveland Cavaliers, the third team in the trade, have backed out. In addition, Kris Humphries is looking for a long-term extension, not enough players were willing to take part in sign-and-trades, and the exchange of medical records for Brook Lopez and Howard sparked concerns.

I'm not going to act like a saw this coming; I thought the deal was a lock. However, when you think about, it really is not all that surprising.

First of all, why would the Cavs want to aid in the formation of another "super team," further burying themselves in the Eastern Conference? Are they so spiteful towards LeBron that they would rather help create a team to beat him rather than experience their own personal success? Well, I guess not. They probably realized that the best chance they themselves have at success is balance throughout the conference, and Howard going to the Nets would further unbalance the East.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Kris Humphries was going to be shipped to Cleveland on a one-year contract. However, Humphries certainly deserves better than that after averaging 14.2 points and 11.3 rebounds last season. He's not any sort of elite player, but a one-year deal for those numbers is a slap in the face. Humphries is warranted to deny the one-year deal and look for a better contract, and I really should have seen that coming.
Blog Photo - Howard To Brooklyn Beginning To Look Unlikely
As for all the sign-and-trades, of course when you've got that many players in a deal one of these NBA divas is going to have a problem with it. Did they expect to sign-and-trade a hundred million players and have all of them say "yeah I'll take that money and play for that team rather than hit the open market"? Another bump in the road I should have expected.

Finally, the medical concerns of the two big pieces. I'm not sure how concerned the Nets were with Howard's recent back surgery; I'd imagine they'd take him unless they heard he had Jared Sullinger-itis.

As for Lopez, he underwent two foot surgeries last season, and in the five games he played he averaged a disgraceful 3.6 rebounds. Adding a foot injury on to the fact that Lopez is a one dimensional player likely made the Magic curious what else was out there.
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