Huskers RB Ameer Abdullah puts college before NFL

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsMany players tend to forgo their college education in favor of coming to the NFL. It has its share of risk as getting rejected or repeatedly getting cut by the teams means a lot of wasted time and few other options to resort to. The glory of NFL was not enough to lure Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah who chose not to put NFL before education and made college his priority.
It is not that Abdullah did not have the talent to cut it to the NFL. He was highly rated by the NFL advisory committee who had predicted he would be an easy first half pick. Many players upon hearing that would simply jump at the opportunity to get drafted but Abdullah chose to complete his college education first. Wednesday was the last date for underclassmen to declare their status.
Abdullah did not say much on the topic of draft projection but he gave his reasons for continuing to his senior season. In his statement he said he yet packed a lot of potential that he himself was beginning to discover even now and knew he had room to improve on a huge level. 
"A lot of guys get to a point of complacency where they feel like they've reached their ceiling," Abdullah said. "I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface. I can improve as an overall back and improve my stock."
Abdullah has been enjoying a smashing season in which he has for the second time in a row gone over 1,000 yards. Still he had problem with turnovers. He has lost 5 fumbles and he mentioned that he will be focusing on resolving the problem by dedicating the coming season to hold the ball with more security. He mentioned he was weak in ending his runs and pass protection. He said that he was working on the problems.
To the other players who entered the draft and lacked bearing, Abdullah wished luck. He mentioned that going in like that was a big risk and planning ahead of time was the best way to enter the NFL.
"I wish those guys the best of luck. A lot of guys don't understand how big a jump that is, especially for a running back in the NFL,” Abdullah said. “They chew you up and spit you out, and you really have to take into consideration what the next level holds for people. That's what I really did.”
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